Relaxation for Children

Relaxation for Children

Pebble’s child care centre recently started doing regular ‘relaxation’ sessions, and her carers commented on how much Pebble seemed to be engaging with these sessions, really listening to the words, changing her breathing and relaxing her body. I have always included relaxation as a part of my teaching week with junior primary children, and was grateful for the reminder to try it at home.

Relaxation does not need to be complicated or to go for a long time. It can be just a couple of minutes out of your day. You might be surprised at how it changes your child’s behaviour!

Relaxation Ideas for Children

Cloud Watching

Choose a day when the sky is filled with white fluffy clouds and lay on the ground in a comfortable place where you can clearly see the sky. Show children how to take slow breathes, in and out, and let your mind and body relax as you both allow the clouds to pass over your gaze


Use classical music or instrumental music as a background for a few moments of breathing deeply and relaxing the muscles and mind.


Visit a national park or public garden, somewhere that you can escape the noise and bustle of every day life. Sit quietly together on a bench, or lay on a picnic rug, listening to the sounds of nature.

Guided Meditation

I found these simple guided meditations for children on YouTube. Try turning off the lights and lowering the blinds then get comfy as you play the videos and listen to the words together. I recommend turning off the screen, but you may find the images relaxing. Once again, focus on slowing your breathing. I hope you enjoy this Relaxation for Children playlist – just watch out for noisy advertisements before some of the clips, they are not very relaxing!

Yoga for Children

Finally, yoga is another wonderful way to relax the mind and body, and can be especially helpful for children who find it very difficult keeping still. Cosmic Kids Yoga has some fun videos for free online that kids will enjoy.

Remember, relaxation is important for mums and dads too :) You can try this free printable mini meditation by my gorgeous friend Mel.

Thank you to the wonderful carers at Pebble’s child care centre for inspiring this post.

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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  1. I’ve always included relaxation in my daily program after lunch for my students, no matter how old, but I never really thought to do it at home with Phoebe! Thanks for the great ideas!
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