One doll + one prune = ?


We have been toilet training, on and off, for four months. Officially anyway. We’ve always done a lot of preparing for toilet training, but we haven’t had any interest or success with it with Pebble until recently. Way back in October 2012 she was going great! So well, in fact, that I thought myself quite the expert on the matter and started to write a Toilet Training Series. That didn’t turn out quite so well. In fact, it seemed that the moment I published that smug little post our dear little Pebble decided to not want to pee or poo anywhere but in a nappy. The Toilet Training Series was put on hold (and then shelved!) and I swallowed a big chunk of humble pie.

You think I’d learn, right? But NO, here I am, sharing my success and advice again. Because she’s doing it! Pebble is doing all her wees and poos in the toilet. Not the potty. The Toilet! Maybe it’s because she’s a Big Three Year Old, or because she’s going to be a Big Sister soon. And maybe next week, or next month, I’ll be back eating humble pie. But this week, it’s all working, and I just had to share this little trick with you because I think it’s genius, and I believe it helped Pebble to poo in the pooper.

Last week Pebble was doing all her wees in the toilet, but not her poos. I sent out a call for help on the Octavia and Vicky Facebook Page and received lots of very helpful feedback and advice. First of all, I learnt that it’s very common for children to master wees but still struggle with letting go of their poos in the right place. That made me feel better. Secondly, the lovely Kelsey suggested I try a trick  from a friend of hers.

The Doll + Prune + Chocolate Trick

And I quote: I once got told an apparently fall proof method. Take her favourite dolly and sit her on the potty and secretly drop a prune into the potty so it looks like dolly has done a poop! Give dolly lots of praise and then give dolly a choccie to congratulate her and let her share it with Pebble. Then explain to Pebble that when she does a poop she too will get a choccie to share with dolly. Get her to sit on the potty about he time she is ready and see what happens. Two of my friends have used this technique in the past week for their tricky toilet trainers and it has worked!! Both were great with #1s but terrible with #2s, but now do both! Good luck x

So, I armed myself with a doll and a prune and off we went. Sure enough, dolly did a poo on the toilet. Pebble. Was. Amazed. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she exclaimed, “I didn’t know she could do THAT!?”. Then I pulled out the big guns. The chocolate. Pebble’s most favourite treat in the whole world (even more than ice cream) is white chocolate buttons, known as milkies. I gave two to dolly and praised her for pooing on the toilet. Of course dolly happily shared with Pebble.

Pebble gave this whole experience some thought. She looked around the room. She gathered up a bunch of toys and declared that they needed to do poos on the toilet too! Smart, right? I had to explain that the only doll who could do poos was this one particular doll, and I made up a mummy lie about why. Yes, I bribed my kid with food then lied to her. I also told her the DummyFairy took her dummy and that Santa brought her presents. Moving on…

From that point on Pebble has done all her poos in the toilet. All of them. She prefers to grunt them out while smiling and saying, “milkies”. It’s a little bit disturbing, but I’ll count it as success.

So this week, I’m grateful. Grateful for the power of social media and to Kelsey for sharing her friend’s advice, grateful for prunes and dolls, and grateful for little white chocolate buttons. Without these things I fear that I’d still be peeling lumps of poo out of a pair of tiny knickers on a daily basis. Thank you!

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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9 Replies to “One doll + one prune = ?”

  1. Sounds like success to me! We have been having some at our place too – finally! I realised a while ago that our first lot of chocolate bribery was a little box of choccy ladybugs I was given for mother’s day and that means we have been doing this, on and off, for 9 MONTHS! Maybe it’s just the magic age – E is nearly 3 too.
    ANB recently posted..Hunting for Ladybugs and a GiveawayMy Profile

  2. That’s hillarious! Very creative!
    My advice is wait til they’re three! I tried with my eldest at two and a half and had no success and a whole lot of frustration. But at three she worked it out in two days! With my youngest I’ll just wait til she’s ready, no trying to make it happen on my part! xx
    Elisa {With Grace & Eve} recently posted..Where I need to beMy Profile

  3. We keep trying off and on too Kylie…i am a bit over it at the moment by the time i do 2 toddlers sitting on and off toilet, then wash hands…then they promptly pee on the floor after we exit the bathroom!
    Love the prune idea…will keep that in mind if we ever reach that magical stage lol!
    So glad to hear you are having success…less nappies to do when bubba arrives!!
    [email protected] recently posted..Toddler Food Friday – Mini Vegetable Mac & Cheese TartsMy Profile

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