No Knead Bread

It’s time for Real Life Wednesday!

I could tell you about how little sleep I’m getting, and the baby who wants to be awake between 1am and 5am.

I could tell you about juggling a crying baby and a poo-ing OCD preschooler (seriously – she has to have her toilet paper just so, everything done in just the right order…. arrrgh!).

Or I could tell you about trying to get Rocky to sleep while Pebble scoots around the floorboards on her scooter saying, “I just want to be with you”, while I explain that I want to be with her too, but I need to get the baby to sleep for that to happen, so could she please stop scooting, then I could be with her quicker (deep breath). But she won’t stop scooting. In fact, she scoots more, faster, louder. This conversation goes around and around in circles until I think I might explode. But I don’t. Because apparently I’m the adult around here *sigh*.

Or, instead of poo, and tantrums, and sleep, I could tell you a happy story about the amazeballs bread that I made this week. Real Bread. That I Made!

No Knead Bread

It’s all thanks to Gourmet Girlfriend’s bread revolution. It’s been sweeping across my Instagram feed for a week or so now and I got sucked right into it. And I’m so glad that I did!

No Knead Bread 1

My experience with this recipe was a story in itself. I have been so very sleep deprived that trying to calculate the 14-18 hour proving time, plus the extra two hour time, plus the half hour heating-the-pot time and the half hour cooking time and the extra 15 minutes cooking time… I read and re-read the recipe and still kept having to come back and re-check it. So my only advice is to bake this bread when you have had a good nights sleep! It truly is a very simple recipe that creates simply wonderful bread – no bread maker, no kneading.

No Knead Bread 2

We will definitely be making it again and I can’t wait to try some new flavours – perhaps sun-dried tomato and black olive or classic cheese and bacon. Or a herb bread using herbs from our garden!

So. Are you going to join the Gourmet Girlfriend Bread Revolution?

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8 Replies to “No Knead Bread”

  1. Oh, I feel for you… that beginning time with a newborn and your older child is tough, tough, tough. I know that with my fourth baby I still felt like I would NEVER get any rest, even though I had already seen proof three times that “this too shall pass.”

    But I’ll tell you anyway… this too shall pass. Just hang in there and keep expectations low :) You probably know that already!
    Anna recently posted..Guest Post at Crystal & Co: A is for AlligatorMy Profile

  2. I heard about the bread via Cat at Be Loverly and have got so far as to buy the yeast and flour! Trust me Kylie, you don’t need to have had decent sleep to get your head around the recipe. I still can’t figure out when the best time is to start! I was telling my mum and aunt about it and do you know what they said? Is it really that hard to knead some dough for 10 minutes? I felt a bit silly, but I still want to give it a go.
    Rachel recently posted..Mars Bar SliceMy Profile

  3. I used to bake a lot of bread by hand before I had kids, these days I never get around to it but I might have to think about trying again – even the ‘good’ preservative free bread you can get from Bakers Delight and such is chock full of sugars, it’s so much healthier to make your own.
    Kyla @ Three Quarters Full recently posted..England in the SummertimeMy Profile

  4. Looks yummy. But for your own sanity and two yummy loaves in under an hour! Google La Fuji Mama – One hour bread! :) It’s awesome!
    I will be giving yours a try though – it looks good if you’re in the routine of having it ready for the next day each day IYKWIM! :)
    GO mama!! Homemade bread with a newborn is amazeballs alright! ;) xx
    Bek @ Just For Daisy recently posted..Recipe :: Roast Vegetable FrittataMy Profile

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