Let’s Dance! Keeping fit with kids

Let's Dance - Keeping Fit with Kids

I’ve been looking for more ways to move my body – for fitness and kick mama blues to the curb….. and to fit into my pre-preggo pants (let’s be honest). Finding ways to move when you’ve got a couple of kids can be tricky. I like to use the treadmill, but it’s very hard to find time to get on to it and stay on it. I’ve had moments where I’m on for five minutes, off to help Pebble do a wee, on for four minutes, off to resettle Rocky who has woken up… on for six minutes and….. oh, bugger it, this is all too hard!

Pebble loves to move. She doesn’t stop moving. So I tried to think of ways to move with her. And that, my friends, is how we ended up having an 80s dance party in our lounge room! You could pop on a favourite CD but we found YouTube so much fun – dancing to music and pictures, the lights down low, the blinds drawn (we were dancing in our undies, of course).

I’ve made my ultimate 80s playlist on YouTube for my dancing pleasure, and yours. Just click on this link to start dancing or watch the player below. There are thirty tracks from the 80s that are some of my personal favourites. I like to use the shuffle button to keep things interesting – a different order of songs every time we dance.

What’s your favourite 80s song? How do you like to keep fit?

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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11 Replies to “Let’s Dance! Keeping fit with kids”

  1. FABULOUS!!! I’m listening to your playlist at work and its great! Can i put in special requests? lol

    There’s nothing better than dancing around and being footloose and fancy free with the kids – and they get such joy from your involvement.

  2. Oh, Kylie! Could I love you anymore??! I love 80’s music! My playlist is long and full of groovy tunes! I had completely forgotten about It’s Raining Men!
    P.S You made an encore appearance on my “Flogiversary” vlog :) x
    Grace recently posted..My Little Runaway…My Profile

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