How to deal with a poo explosion

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How to deal with a poop explosion

I’ve seen my fair share of Poonamis, Number Threes and bright red glowing butt cheeks.┬áKids and poo. I could write a thesis!

There was the time that we were at the pub for a friend’s birthday and Pebble filled her onesie right up to the neck.

There was the bath poo phase, when it seemed that Pebble loved nothing more than letting go in the tub.

Then there have been those mornings when I’ve picked a happy, squealing, kicking baby from his cot and unzipped his sleeping bag to find a stinky, ooey, gooey puddle of poo.

Or that time that I walked in on Rocky, lying on his play mat, smiling and kicking his legs in the result of a particularly nasty Number Three.

Or the many, many times that Rocky has scored himself a bit of “Poo Shoulder”. That boy – I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

Here are a few more poo stories from some experienced Mum’s for your enjoyment. I had a laugh at the splash to the face – oh my!

I’m now pretty good at preparing for and responding to a Poonami situation and hope you can all benefit from my experience.

Tips for Coping with a Baby Poo Explosion

  • keep an extra bag of nappies, wipes, nappy rash cream and baby clothes in the boot of the car for those double emergencies.
  • for those glowing butt cheek situations keep your nappy bag stocked with quality nappy cream, like Bepanthen.
  • restock your nappy bag as soon as you get home from an outing. It will save you from forgetting something in your rush to get out the door next time (I must take my own advice on this one!)
  • if your bub is prone to prolific and frequent poo explosions it might be a good idea to pack spare clothes for yourself, just in case. That’s one fashion statement you don’t want to be known for.
  • keep an old towel and a water bottle in the car for cleaning up messes that wipes just won’t cope with.
  • line the baby car seat with a small towel, to save you needing to wash the car seat after a Number Three. Or buy one of those fancy car seat protectors.
  • have a sense of humour! If all else fails, laugh and chuck them in the bath.

Have you got a poo story to share? Go on, tell us!

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14 Replies to “How to deal with a poo explosion”

  1. Oh GOSH have I had a few too many poo stories over my time, and wee stories! I so wished that I had thought to write it all down when my five boys were younger…it sure would make a great laugh.
    Do remember one of my sons thinking it would be fun to “Draw” with poo all over the walls, cot, curtains and many other surfaces for about 6 weeks straight….it was so good when he decided one day to stop!!!

  2. Crack me up! Love this Kylie…you reminded me what it was like to experience the poo explosions! Would you believe my twins seemed to line up their explosions so that I finished one and had to change another! And I love Bepanthen cream…just used it tonight on one of the girls and they are now 3!

  3. Poonami! LOL… I remember the first time I saw it, I was like what the?! How is that possible???!! Then after the initial shock… just trying to think of how to clean the child. Using a hose came to mind lol. Lots of wipes, soap and warm running water were used in the end, from memory. Love the post and awesome video!

  4. My youngest daughtet was fussing through her entire Christening. Took her out to car and found what I like to call a car seat special all over the back of the white christening gown!

  5. One poo story in particular stands out in my mind (sorry it’s a gross one!). One year old Miss R was going through that seemingly never ending phase where they hate getting the nappy changed. Kicking and crying and carrying on through a particularly big one, and I was changing her on a mat on the floor. Miss K was about 6 months old and had just started crawling. I dumped the dirty nappy just out of arms reach and began cleaning up the toddler. Next thing I know I turn around and Miss K is sitting there behind me, with a huge big grin on her face waving the pooey nappy around in the air. This was a messy one and it was flying in big blobs all over the place. Yuck! Funny how I can smile about it now :-)

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