Grampout Action Plan – Tips for planning the perfect family outdoor escape

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Grampout Action Plan - have a mozzie free family holiday with Mortein and Aeroguard

Do you like getting away with your family? My extended family is just growing and growing, with little cousins being born all the time. I’ve got 12 nieces and nephews now! We like to get away together to relax and watch as the baby cousins grow up and bond together; three generations (sometimes four!) hanging out together, playing, chatting, exploring, and enjoying being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So far we’ve had two family holidays away, and we’re looking forward to another one in a couple of months time. We usually book a house to stay in, so I was pretty intrigued when I got a call asking if I’d like to go “Gramping” with my family. Um, what’s Gramping?!

Making memories - have a mozzie free family holiday with Mortein and Aeroguard

As it turns out, Gramping is camping with both grandparents and kids – three generations creating lasting memories together in the great outdoors. How good does that sound? More and more Australian families (like, 8 million Aussies according to a recent survey commissioned by the Gramping Association!) are keen to jump on the Gramping bandwagon and it’s easy to see why. Quality time with family, getting outdoors and an extra pair of hands to help with the kids, what’s not to love?

That’s why the Gramping Association has been set up. Membership is free and gets you loads of tips for having a successful Grampout, as well as exclusive offers and giveaways. The Gramping Association is supported by Aerogard and Mortein, who’ve been helping to give Aussie families mozzie free family fun for decades.

So, I made some calls, booked in the Grandparents and our nephew to join us and started preparing for our first Grampout. We decided that, because Rocky is so little and Pebble can be a bit scared of new things, the most successful Grampout for us would be in our backyard. As the kids get older we’ll venture further from home, but this was the perfect first Grampout experience. Here’s how we got ready:

Grampout Action Plan

  1. Pack: We chatted about who had what camping gear and organised for Grandad and Nana to pack up some of their camping gear to bring to the Grampout. The Gramping Association has tips for packing like pro, check them out.
  2. Protect: We stocked up on mozzie protection, including the Mortein Auto Protect Outdoor Citronella and Aerogard Tropical Strength Spray. Pebble reacts badly to insect bites so this is a very important step for us!
  3. Prepare: We prepped the kids for the idea of a Grampout, including chatting about what to expect and helping them pack special bits and pieces to bring with them (teddies, torches and pillows).
  4. Plate up: We stocked up on family friendly foods for the weekend, planning a BBQ with lots of yummy meats and salads. The Gramping Association has some tasty ideas for Grampout foods, you can download and print them out for your trip away.
  5. Play: We planned some activities for our Grampout, including backyard cricket and soccer, water play and wildlife spotting.

So, we were all ready to go! I can’t wait to share our Gramping experience with you all!

For more information or to join the Gramping Association visit

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Win the ultimate gramping prize pack - have a mozzie free family holiday with Mortein and Aeroguard

While you’re waiting for that bit of excitement why not enter this giveaway to help you plan your own Gramping experience? Simply leave a comment on this post telling me how Aerogard and Mortein would help your family have mozzie free fun and stand the chance to win* a Gramping prize pack, including one of:

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11 Replies to “Grampout Action Plan – Tips for planning the perfect family outdoor escape”

  1. I had never heard of “gramping” before but it turns out we did it last month, if one grandparent counts! Our family had a blast at Thunderbird park – it was my two boys, husband and myself, my father-in-law, and another family of 4, and I would LOVE to go back there because there was so much more to explore. We hadn’t gone camping in a group before and it was awesome… the kids all played together and having those extra memory-making moments with granddad was very special for everyone. I’m the worst at remembering things like insect repellent so thanks for the reminder… I’m off to put it on our camping list now.

  2. Lol, I love the idea. I’m wondering if our grandparents would partake in a backyard camp – I suspect they’d love it!!!

    we’ve gone camping together with the grandparents previously and uncles and aunties and the kids loved it (gotta love being close to the facilities though, especially with little bladders and zero time to make it there!).

  3. My parents would be in it, so would I, but my kids, they hate insects! (My 14 year old son hid in his room tonight while I took a moth outside!) so Areoguard and Mortein are my only chances of going Gramping!

  4. ‘Gramping’ is the best kind of camping because it comes with built in babysitters!!!

    My smallest reacts so badly to mosquito bites that we don’t often go outside in the evenings so camping wouldn’t be much fun for him without some heavy duty mozzie deterrents.

  5. Gosh, how wouldn’t we be fun. Mozzie love my children and I dislike the poor little girls scratching at their sores. I’d much prefer to prevent those nasty bites!

    What fun we’d enjoy. Gramping of course! My girls are going Gramping soon. They will LOVE it!

  6. Modern technology is creating some wars
    Preventing the kids from getting outdoors
    I-Phones and Wii games, it’s all got to go
    We need outdoor adventures to help the kids grow
    Aerogard and Mortein will make it more fun
    As they banish the bugs for everyone!

  7. “Don’t forget the aerogard, Avagoodweekend” is the catch cry that has been used for generations of people enjoying the outdoor living experience. Gramping is the ultimate new family tradition of enjoying the great aussie outdoors whilst deterring the mozzies with aerogard. Aerogard is indispensible for any aussie week-end outing. Remember avagoodweekend! Don’t forget the Aerogard.

  8. As kids, we went camping all the time as a family. One memorable trip was at Fraser Island, where we ran around on the sand dunes, swam all day and roasted sausages over a campfire for tea. The only dampener on the trip was that the sandflies ate us alive, and we came home covered in splotchy purple bites (oh, the itchiness!!).

    I would love my young daughter to experience “Gramping”, and I can imagine my parents will be bursting to take her, and her cousin, when they move back from interstate this year.

    Mortein and Aerogard would allow my daughter all the fond memories I have of camping, minus the itchy memories!!!

  9. The last time we went camping, it was on my parents large property. I was heavily pregnant and had forgotten to pack the aeroguard. Mozzie coils just weren’t doing the trick! I ended up waking the rest of the family at about 10pm, calling it quits and driving back to mum and dads. All because of those wretched mosquitos. I would not even think of attempting Gramping ‘Take 2’ without remembering the Aeroguard!

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