First Day of School

First Day of School

I woke up this morning, groggy from a fitful sleep and not sure what day it was or what I was supposed to be doing. Then it hit me, like a kick in the guts. I felt sick. It was Pebble’s first day of school!

This reaction completely surprised me. I had been feeling excited, a little anxious, but otherwise ok about this new phase of our lives. I lay in bed pondering this interesting feeling and laughed at myself. So, this is what it feels like when your baby goes to school!

Pebble took the morning in her stride. She ate breakfast, asked if she could wear pigtails and flatly refused to wear her summer uniform. In the name of peace and a smooth first day of school I relented and let her wear a skort and polo shirt instead. She looked cute as a button with her socks and sandals, a look that only school kids can get away with.

The morning flew by and before I knew it it was time to go. NOW. We couldn’t be late for the first day! As we went to leave the house I did a routine check of Rocky’s nappy, only to find that he’d filled it to busting. Arrgh! I did the quickest nappy change of my life and chucked him in the pram for the three minute walk to school. As I suspected, living so close to school is likely to make us late – the convenience makes it all too easy to take it slow in the mornings!

We sat in the classroom, taking in the chaos that is 20+ kids and their mum and dad and siblings, all nervous and excited. Rocky played in my lap with some cars, Pebble alongside. All was going well until I kept getting a whiff of a distinct poo smell. I checked Rocky’s nappy three times and couldn’t see anything. I checked his hands (because he’s known to go digging, occassionally). There was nothing there. A final whiff of definite poo smell had me check up his back…. bingo. A poo smeared t-shirt. And me surrounded by 50 people with no nappy bag on board my pram (what was I thinking?). I smiled and looked around me to see if anyone else had noticed, but they seemed none the wiser – or too polite to point out our shitty predicament.

A few minutes later the teacher gave the parents the nod to leave and we all started our goodbyes. Pebble clung to me and needed a little help from one of the support workers to detach herself, but she did really well. No tears. From either of us. I’m so proud of her!

I skipped the parent morning tea in the staff room because: POO and hot footed it back home to clean Rocky up.

And that was Pebble’s first big school drop off.

How did you feel on your child’s first day of school?

8 Replies to “First Day of School”

  1. Oh no you poor thing. Well I’m glad Pebble enjoyed her first day and likes her teacher. I had Cherub’s first day of preschool today, I think I was more anxious then she was! She was pumped!!

    I do remember feeling excited and nervous about Popette’s first day of school. I was proud that there were no tears by either one of us.

  2. Oh that was hilarious Kylie…I’m laughing with you not at you I promise! So glad you both got through it and by the look on her face I think she is going to lover her exciting new stage of life…and so will you, not yet but soon xxx

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