Family Holiday Planning: Toys, Games and Gear to Pack for Kids

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Family Holiday Planning: Toys, Games and Gear to Pack for Kids

It’s almost school holidays! The count down is officially on because WE’RE GOING ON A HOLIDAY! We’re staying at a lovely big beach house with my extended family. There will be plenty of cousins for Pebble and Rocky to play with (and lots of adults to help with all those kids!). There’s a nice deck out the back of the house and a large living area, plenty of space for playing and hanging out.

The weather is quite a bit cooler down south where we’re staying. This means that we’ll need some back up plans for when we’ve had enough of sand blowing in our faces on the beach. Here are some of the essentials that we’ll be packing for the kids, aged from five months to nine years old.

Family Holiday Planning: Toys, Games and Gear to Pack for Kids

Simple Art materials

I can just imagine the kids sprawled out on the deck with paper, watercolours, textas, pencils and stamps, creating memories from their beach house stay. Pebble and her cousins often enjoy creative time with Nana-ette when we visit and I’m sure this beach holiday will be no exception.

Family Holiday Planning: Toys, Games and Gear to Pack for Kids

Night lights

Pebble’s had a portable night light since birth and just won’t go to sleep without it. It’s kind of a pain to have to lug it around with us when we stay away, but at the same time it’s a lovely bit of familiar comfort for her – and easily replaceable if she loses it as they still sell them in the shops!

Can’t-Leave-Home-Without Toys

Pebble’s favourites lately are her dolls of all kinds. She plays with them in the garden, in the bath, at the kitchen sink, in her book nook. Everywhere! Her imagination takes them on lots of adventures. For Rocky we’ll be taking along his big box of cars – his current favourite is this light up, musical number that he got for his birthday (thanks Aunty Cass!). He keeps it close most of the day, carrying it, pulling it or pushing it with him. Cuteness!

Family Holiday Planning: Toys, Games and Gear to Pack for Kids


We’re planning a night time excursion to a penguin colony, which the kids are going to be so excited about. They’ll each need their own torch to light the way. I remember doing this when I was a kid, it was such an awesome experience.

Movies, Leap Pads and iPads

We’ll definitely be bringing along a few favourite DVDs for lazy afternoons spent on the couch. Pebble’s favourites at the moment are Tangled, The Croods and Despicable Me. Rocky is a huge fan of Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig, so those will be in the suitcase for sure. All the families have either Leap Pads or iPads and they’ll be put to good use when the time is right.


Because that light up car won’t run itself! Energizer sent me some Energizer Max batteries to get us through the holidays and way, way, way beyond. Did you know they hold power for up to 10 years. YEARS! And they will protect our toys and devices against leakage. I’ll only use quality batteries in our toys and other gear, it’s not worth it to have that night light breaking down on us or penguin spotting in the dark with a dead torch.

Family Holiday Planning: Toys, Games and Gear to Pack for Kids


We’ll pack balls of all shapes and size. All the kids love throwing, catching, rolling, chasing, bouncing and kicking balls. And second to cars, balls are Rocky’s very favourite thing in the world.

Buckets and Spades

Classic beach toys, you can’t go wrong. It doesn’t need to be summer time to enjoy a good sandcastle making session or some beach combing.

Our imaginations!

There’s nothing quite like seeing kids deeply engrossed in pretend play. This mix of kids will come up with some hilarious and memorable play scenarios, I’m sure.

What are your can’t-leave-home-without toys? 

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  1. We have just returned home from our camping trip and our most popular toys were a charades game will picked up from kmart (great for even young children who can’t read yet) and jelly bean bingo that i made from a printable from the internet. Hope you have fun.

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