Do you encourage your children to take risks?

Encouraging children to be risktakers and learn about determination, success, failure and resilience through play {via Octavia and Vicky}

Oh my GOODNESS our boy is a dare devil! Unlike our quiet, focussed, careful and tidy first born (who happens to be a girl) Rocky is like a little tornado. He bulldozes through obstacles in his path as he walks across a room – sometimes he trips, sometimes he falls flat on his face – but he gets right back up again and keeps on going. He likes his swings to be pushed high and fast, he likes to be tipped upside down and whizzed around. He smashes toys together and yells in delight. Rocky is an adventurer. He’s curious, determined and a risk taker.

I’m a big believer in encouraging children to be risk takers, both physically and emotionally. This has been tricky with Pebble. She’s four now, and much more likely to have a go, try something new and get out of her comfort zone. But she often needs just a little bit of hand holding, a little nudge to help her along. Don’t we all, sometimes?

Teaching children to be risk takers {via Octavia and Vicky} 2

Risk taking is an important part of childhood – it’s the ability to let go of dad’s hand and take those first independent steps, it’s walking up to a new kid in a playground and saying ‘hi’, it’ s trying that weird dinner that mum and dad have served up tonight and it’s creating artwork without fear of doing it ‘wrong’.

I must be honest. Hubby and I are not natural risk takers. We both like to stay in the safe zone throughout life, stable jobs, stable home, stable family. It’s taken us a while to settle into our role as parents and be more comfortable with encouraging our kids to have a go when they’re out of their comfort zone, with choosing the right time to let them fall and pick themselves up.

Do you encourage your children to be risk takers? 

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3 Replies to “Do you encourage your children to take risks?”

  1. Just like my first and second born! Except they’re both girls! :) And yes, we encourage risk taking… a) for the reasons listed above b) because i physically am unable to stop every one of her adventures so I let her learn what she is/isn’t capable of while of course keeping her safe from major harm!

  2. I can’t say I’m a huge risk taker myself, but Popette is definitely a risk taker. As a young toddler she was all go in the playground. She’d climb the scary looking walls/ nets and balance beam thingies, were I would have avoided them at that age. Cherub on the other hand is more of a hand holder. She has been a little slow with her development in going up & down stairs, so I’ve naturally helped her. She is getting better and Hubby & I encourage her to give it a go. :) x

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