Baby Travel Tips: Feeding a Six Month Old {Giveaway}

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Baby Travel Tips - Ideas for Feeding a Six Month Old

Has it really been almost three weeks since Rocky, Grandma and I headed up to the Gold Coast for the Problogger conference? What an adventure, for all of us! I spent my days networking and learning. Grandma and Rocky spent their days going for walks and zipping back and forth between our hotel and the conference (because my boobs aren’t detachable. If only!).

Rocky chose this particular weekend to decide that he really, really wanted to eat ‘real’ food. He loves his milk (both breast milk and formula – greedy little thing!) but he had developed a new found love of solids. At home I had been slowly introducing new foods using a baby led weaning approach. By the time our trip came around Rocky was gnawing on broccoli, carrots, chicken, lamb chops, cucumber, cheese, strawberries, mandarins, pears, squash, toast… pretty much anything I could throw at him. But he wanted MORE.

I started adding some spoon food into his diet, like natural yoghurt, mashed banana, mashed avocado and mashed veggies. He couldn’t get enough of the stuff!

So, we were about to board a plane and stay in a little apartment for a few days. I was going to be busy at a conference all day. We needed to make the food simple. Here’s how we managed feeding a six month old baby while travelling.

Baby Travel Tips: Feeding a Six Month Old

Baby Travel Tips - Feeding a Six Month Old BabyResearch

  • find out where your local supermarkets or fresh food markets are before your trip, and figure out how you can get there. If you can’t get there easily, find out what food can be delivered to your accommodation. We had two major supermarkets in walking distance from our hotel, so we were good to go!

Baby Travel Tips - Feeding a Six Month Old Baby


  • book a hotel that makes it easy for you. We booked an apartment that included a small kitchen with a microwave, sink and stove top.
  • make a shopping list for simple, easy to prepare foods.
  • pack a few ready to eat foods for the trip. We stocked up on Ella’s Kitchen organic fruits and vegetables.
  • don’t forget to pack spoons, bibs and wipes. Six month olds sure know how to spread their lunch around!
  • if you need to use bottles, try using tetra packs of formula and disposable (recylcable & BPA free) bottles. This avoids having to lug around all the sterilising equipment.
  • double check your airlines baggage allowances for babies. Most will allow your baby their own carry on bag, so there’s plenty of room for you to carry all your bits and pieces.

Baby Travel Tips - Feeding a Six Month Old Baby

Keep it Simple

  • you don’t need to provide a five star buffet. I originally had planned to prep all my own meat and veggies every day while we were away. As if that was actually going to happen! Rocky ate toast, bananas and yoghurt for breakfast and fruit and veggies for lunch and dinner, thanks to Ella’s Kitchen.
  • strip the baby! Lucky for us the Gold Coast has gorgeously warm weather. Rocky was very comfy wearing just his nappy, which made cleaning up after meals so much easier. I only recommend this tip for warm climates though!

Ella’s Kitchen Giveaway

Ella's Kitchen Giveaway

Thanks to Ella’s Kitchen I have two prize packs worth $50 each to give away. Each pack contains one up-cycled lunch bag, an Ella’s Kitchen bib and a selection of pouches from the Ella’s Kitchen range.

To enter just tell me what was your baby’s favourite first food?

This is a game of skill and entries will be judged based on creativity and originality. Open to Australian residents only. Entries close Wednesday, 9th October, 2013.

36 Replies to “Baby Travel Tips: Feeding a Six Month Old {Giveaway}”

  1. My first born, Charlotte, loved mashed avocado and tuna. Absolutely loved it. My second born, Will, on the other hand loved watermelon. The more squashed it was the better

  2. These look fabulous.. we didn’t use anything like this at home with #2 but they were great when out and about and for trips/camping. We still grab these occasionally and Miss 3 calls them smoothies and doesn’t mind a fruity one herself!
    I’m interested to know more about the upcycled lunch bag?? Is it made from the packaging?? :)
    Both my girls started with a love for avocado and STILL love it!

  3. I still remember the time my mother gave my 6 month old a slice of lemon out of her glass of soda water. I was horrified but after an initial screwed up face followed by a shudder, she went back for more and still to this day insists on sucking on a piece of lemon whenever I cut one up (she’s 2.5 now). Very strange tastes!

  4. My little one’s English heritage shone through when her grandpa gave her a pickled onion at about 5.5 months. She went crazy slurping, sucking and gumming it!

  5. Upcycled FTW! My first loved zucchinis sauted with butter and garlic and then pureed. (Although I have to admit it was delicious, so I don’t blame her). With my second, it’s definitely cheese. Whenever I ask if she wants some, her face lights up!

  6. Both of my girls have loved bananas from an early age, but usually this would have an adverse affect on their bowel movements so we were on rations!

  7. I kid you not, my son ate the standard Farex and all that, but at 4 months of age he could be seen sucking on a juicy, blood coloured pleach. A pleach is a cross between a plum and a peach, and was grown on his Aunties tree. I’m not even sure how he came to try one at that age although I suspect my care free husband had something to do with it. My son worshipped the pleach and demanded them. I’m fairly certain they weren’t in the guide book for first foods for 4 month olds!

  8. Some great tips there Kylie…I was always a little anxious about taking my twins anywhere and often used Ella’s Kitchen pouches…they still love some of them!
    Your little man is growing so quickly isn’t he? Both my girls loved their Mum’s egg custard, pumpkin and couscous and also banana mixed with avocado!

  9. Rice cereal was my little girls first food. Tastes terrible so I was excited to get her onto something that had more taste and went with pumpkin. :)

  10. Great tips, thanks Kylie!

    I delayed feeding my son until he was at that golden 6 month mark, then I carefully mashed up some sweet potato and took it to the beach where we were having a family dinner. I’d made enough mash for at least four feeds and had read all the books, so would have been happy with getting two teaspoons into him. Let’s just say, Alfie wolfed it down. In the end we had a crowd around us and no-one could believe how much he was putting away. He must have been starving for weeks!

  11. Aaron loved pureed pumpkin. He must have particular taste as he only ate butternu and queesland blue. All others were rapidly sprayed everywhere

  12. Hi first food was a milk arrowroot biscuit and we had the video camera rolling as we gave it to him. Within minutes he had developed a nasty red rash on his cheeks and legs and that was the day that we started to study the list of ingredients on every food he ate.

  13. Our baby loves sliced black olives! We didn’t intend to give him any but he nicked one once from his sister’s plate and he’s been addicted to them ever since!

  14. My 7 month olds favorite food is the chocolate mousse I make for him. I purée avocado then add cacao powder and a dash of maple syrup.
    I love the food pouches when I am out and about, I don’t have to worry about trying to find a microwave to defrost my little mans food. Even better, I know they are nutritious and not full of nasty preservatives!

  15. Apple slinky cut into thirds and boiled in a little water for 5 minutes. Even my 4 year loves it. Do this most days for my 18 month old twin boys and have since they started solids around 7 months.

  16. Avocado! My son has been known to sneakily grab one and bite into it like an apple! Luckily he’s learnt not to eat the skin, (bit of trial and error there!) but instead he now sucks the inside out. You’d think we were starving him the way he devours them!

  17. My 6 month old baby boy loves everything we feed him but he loves peaches! He loves all the ellas kitchen foods too. We are taking them in our plane ride that’s coming up soon.

  18. Chocolate custard, he loved it so much after one taste that he refused other solid food for several weeks so we never went there again!

  19. The spoon is poised, she smiles wide
    Bubbies eyes showing anticipation, alongside
    Her sits a delicious bowl of mush
    She’s super keen, I’m not so fussed

    Mashed potato with peas and corn
    A flavour slightly sweet, adorn
    Highchair, floor and hands galore
    She giggles as mum slips on the floor

    Our bub simply refused Farox – quite frankly I don’t blame her. I tried it to encourage her to try a bit. It’s horrible stuff. So we reverted to the above and voila, success.

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