How to Cope with the Flu

What Channel is the Netflix?(image source)

Disclaimer: Let me say, straight up, that Netflix have been extremely kind to me. They’ve invited me to be a part of their Stream Team (yeah, baby!), which includes a 12 month Netflix subscription, a mini iPad with a cute squishy cover and my very own Netflix mug. I am not obliged to nor do I get paid to write about Netflix. If and when I do write about Netflix, all opinions are my own. 

The reason I said ‘yes’ when Netflix called (aside from it being completely awesome) is because I was already a Netflix convert. I already knew that I loved them and it wouldn’t be hard for me to share this love with you guys. This all came in very handy recently when I had the worst sickness I’ve had in years. The flu, it hit me hard! The proper flu. It really, really sucks. However! I got to binge on all my favourite shows, old a new. Here’s a few that you might enjoy too (warning, some trailers are not appropriate for kids).

Edge of Your Seat Thrills and Drama

Orange Is the New Black – Seasons 1 – 3

Ruby Rose makes an awesome addition to the Season 3 cast.

House of Cards – Seasons 1 – 3

Kevin Spacey is truly disturbing in this political thriller.

The Fall – Seasons 1 and 2

Gillian Anderson is stunning as Superintendent Stella Gibson in this can’t-look-away murder mystery.

Just for Laughs

Jim Jeffries “Alcoholocaust” comedy special

An Aussie comedian in America, he gives good LOLs.

Shameless Seasons 1 – 4

Let the Gallagher’s make you feel good about your own life!

Brooklyn Nine Nine

The cops of the 99 Precinct will get you laughing. Total ‘junk food’ TV.

For the Kids

While I was laid out flat on the couch it sure did help that we could watch Netflix on our TV, iPad and mobile phone. It helped keep the kids occupied while I recovered. Rocky loves Zack and Quack, Phineas and Ferb and Curious George. Pebble loves it all but this week she is enjoying Johnny Test, Dennis the Menace and Space Chimps.

Not to mention Dragons: Race to the Edge launches this week. We’re all looking forward to watching this one. Is anyone else glad to have kids just so they have an excuse to watch cool kids movies and shows? No? Just me? Ok, then.

Did you get hit by the flu this winter? Do you have Netflix? Why not!!!?? 

3 Replies to “How to Cope with the Flu”

  1. No we don’t have Netflix, but would love it right now as I am suffering the flu!! It is the worse! :(

    Our local DVD store also closed down recently, so Hubby and I are now thinking it might be an idea to sign-up for a trial with someone like Netflix to see what shows they have for us and the kids. :)

  2. Oh Netflix… why didn’t you come knocking on my door!! hehe!
    Loving it for the kids shows/movies… hubby and I have watched all seasons of Shameless – how shameful! Trying to get into OITNB but not hooked yet!

  3. not just you Hon, I’m a sucker for a good kids flick! loving Netflix, even if I have to pay for it! and my kids are addicted also (I’m almost annoyed with all of the choices as its causing arguments between the three of them!!!).

    sorry to hear you caught the flu. that’s a tough gig with kids to be looked after.

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