Finding my style – The Tuck

Are you one of those mamas that I’ve seen at kindergym, or the library, or the supermarket, who look effortlessly made up and put together? You know, one of those mamas that I’ve stared at in wonder as I try to spit-and-scrub the mashed banana stain from my jeans and tug on my second-day-wear t-shirt? How I envy you.

My everyday style usually revolves around:

  1. high waisted “hide the muffin top” jeans, cut off jean shorts or long “hide the leg hair” maxi dresses
  2. a baggy singlet/t-shirt/top
  3. a black or plain coloured waterfall cardi
  4. flats or thongs

Ditching the frumpy mama - doing the front tuck

Comfy. Easy. Presentable. YES.

Stylish? Flattering? Confidence boosting? NO.

Luckily for me there are people to help with this sort of rut. People who know clothes and body shapes and style and how to have FUN with fashion. People who can help you stop trying to hide your body and start celebrating it…. People like Nat and Tatum from Make It Look Easy. Come on, I’ll introduce you, they’re super awesome ladies, you’ll love them :)

Make It Look Easy - Nat and Tatum

Nat (on the right) is a Personal Stylist and will help you whip your wardrobe into shape in no time. Tatum (on the left)  is a Personal Health Coach and will make getting nutritious dinners onto the table a breeze while getting your fitness routine in order. Who doesn’t need these two ladies in their lives, really?

Nat and Tatum popped over to my house for a visit recently, as a part of their MILE High First Class Personal Package. Full disclosure: this session was a gift to me from Nat and Tatum – as always my opinions are honest and my own. And you know what? I can’t recommend it enough! The session involved four and a half hours dedicated to my style and health and I came away from it feeling excited, motivated and ready to ditch this frumpy mummy for good.

I’d love to share everything that I learned with you all but for now I’m just going to share one thing that I have embraced in my everyday style. The Tuck.

 The TuckI’d never usually tuck in any top of mine. Surely the point of the top is to try to cover up? But I love how tucking this big, voluminous top gives me more shape.

Now, I’ll be honest, these jeans are not the best for tucking, and with Nat and Tatum’s help I’ll be finding the perfect pair of jeans soon. These jeans are a little high and can give the illusion of a very large… um…. front lady bum? You get what I mean? It’s not a look that you want to achieve any time soon. But they’re what I have to work with for now.

I also learned that switching the dark flat for a light coloured shoe also helps the onlookers eye travel the full length of my body, making me appear leaner. Nifty, hey?

What do you think? Would you try the The Tuck? 

13 Replies to “Finding my style – The Tuck”

  1. so not a tucker – not sure i could walk out the door…… too conscious of my post babies fat bulge that sits low low low low these days (its probably more in my head than actually there).

    good on you for tucking though. very brave!

    1. Thanks, gorgeous xx I’m having lots of fun with getting dressed each day, but I still have my daggy days, that’s for sure haha :) I took some outfit pics this weekend, I can’t wait to share them.

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