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every day may not be good but there is something good in every day - 52 weeks of grateful{image}

One day, when Rocky was just weeks old, I was at the supermarket with both kids. I stumbled through the aisles, incoherent thoughts tumbling through my mind, barely able to recall the three items I was there for. It had been a bad night. Really bad. As I zombie shuffled towards the milk an elderly woman stopped me.

“This is the best time of your life”, she smiled. I wanted to punch her.

That moment feels light years ago. Now that I’ve had a little more sleep I’m starting to understand what that woman might have been trying to say. I don’t think those were ever going to be the words that I wanted to hear in that moment . I don’t think that this is THE best time of my life (hell, some small moments are THE WORST!). But it’s true that I will never get this moment, this day, back again. With that in mind, today I spent a lovely whack of time gobbling my babies cheeks, covering him in kisses and making giggles bubble out of him with my snappy crocodile hands.

This week I’m grateful for reflecting on wise words.

Practising gratitude is helping me to reflect on life’s best and worst moments, to lighten the load and lighten my heart. Thank you to those of you who linked up last week, I always enjoy reading your grateful words. Here are just a few that I connected with:

    • Natalie is grateful for Friday fish and chip night – oh, me too! We have been having a take away treat every now and again, which is a bit of a change for us. It’s so nice that on a rough day I can say ‘bugger it!’ and let someone else take care of dinner.
    • Tat being grateful for giving herself permission to let a few things go, and finding gratitude flowing freely. I have been practising letting go a bit too (hello, dust bunnies!).
    • Nat is grateful for the sick kids roundabout to be slowing down. Me too! It’s been a couple of weeks of snot and coughs around here but it seems to finally be easing. To think that winter used to be my favourite season!
    • Elisa is grateful for finding new places to spend time with her kids. We recently found a lovely little play space, hidden away from it all and just right for Pebble.

29 Replies to “Wise Words”

      1. Thanks Kylie, this week has been MUCH better. I’ve been thinking more positively and he has been an angel for his Mumma. I’m sure it will all change in a week or two again, but for now, I will enjoy every second! x

    1. I have been, the poor little bubba, he doesn’t get much say in things LOL Covered in kisses, every day. My big girl chooses when she wants her cuddles and kisses, which makes them all the more special.

  1. Oh so much truth in what you say. My baby is turning 5 tomorrow and I have never clung so much to my baby’s ‘right now’ moments. : )

  2. Lovely to be able to post a grateful post here today! And I’ve discovered quite a few new bloggers from these links – so thanks for sharing the love!

    1. It really can. Sometimes (all the time!) I find it very hard to slow down and just ‘be’ with my kids, but every time that I do it makes me feel so loved and connected. So why do I forget it time and again and get caught up in the rush rush rush? *sigh*

  3. Kudos to you for not actually punching her when she said that ;) I know what those zombie days are like and well, lack of sleep can really make you do crazy things! I am so grateful for having found this link up, especially at this time while we are celebrating our Summer of Gratitude here at the Clubhouse. We would love if you would link up there too: http://fitkidsclub.blogspot.com/p/summer-of-gratitude.html
    Enjoy gobbling those cheeks!!

    1. Thanks for reminding me about the summer of gratitude, it’s such a lovely idea.
      Oh, those super sleep deprived days seem like a distant memory. Thankfully thinks are a lot better – still lots of wake ups but nothing like they were in the first month.

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  5. such wise words. I love reminding myself as well that each moment is unique. In a yoga class this week the teacher got us to think about the now, saying you’ve never had this experience you’re about to have now, even if you’ve done yoga a zillion times. It was a great intention to start off with. Hope you’re having a great week x

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