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This week I tackled a problem that has been bugging me for a little while now. I had hoped to wait a bit longer, until I was on leave, or until we were ready to move Pebble to her new bedroom. But it just couldn’t wait any longer. I HAD to organise Pebble’s toys. Her toy kitchen was overflowing, her craft drawers were exploding, her book and toy shelves were bursting at the seams. It was driving me bananas every day, so I bit the bullet and got stuck in.

I was kind of grumbly about it. Poor me, and my happy child with all her wonderful toys, so many that we don’t have anywhere to put them.

Um, really?

I stopped. I thought. I changed by attitude. I decided to be grateful for this ‘problem’. Some children don’t have any toys to play with. How lucky are we that we have an almost never endign supply right in our own (warm, safe, comfortalbe) home?

So this week, I’m grateful for toys, mess and all.


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  1. Such a timely reminder! I’ve been dreading cleaning out the kids playroom but now I’ll try to look at it as a lovely chance to rediscover all the wonderful toys the kids have and remember how much fun they have playing with them… and how lucky we are they have them. (Although gulp, I’m still a leetle scared…!) Thankyou!
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  2. Yes that’s a good way to look at it. I think our kids are very fortunate indeed. I try to rotate toys too..amazing how mine can re-discover a toy they haven’t seen for a month or two!

    1. Absolutely, I get the most done on days following a good toy clean up – Pebble gets lost in a new world of play :)

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