Small things

This week has been super busy and very emotionally draining for the whole family. Christmas shopping was started (and finished), we finally got a car to replace the one that I totalled a couple of months ago and, most significantly, we planned and held a small private ceremony for Ryan’s ashes. Today is the first day that I’ve had at home with both children all week, and I’m so relieved to have it! I’m immersing myself in routine and the rhythm of our family home. The washing machine and dishwasher are whirring away, the fridge is brimful of fresh fruit and veg from our delivery. We’re all still in our PJs and quite happy about it (except for poor Paul, who’s at work). I’m sternly reminding myself to look forward to happy celebrations in the future – a Christmas full of happy, squealing children and Pebble’s birthday shenanigans soon after.

Here are a few things that have made me smile lately:

Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude 20131211_195954 20131211_160625 20131207_190528 Gratitude

: Pebble and Grandad wearing homemade crowns (by Nanette and Pebble).

: Pebble and her cousins painting

: wearing pigtails for #DAREcember

: Pebble’s drawing of her Uncle Ryan and his three boys, drawn the night before the ceremony to place his ashes.

: our cheeky monkey boy and his toothy grin. Four teeth now!

: shoulder rides for the girls

: going to a fairy concert with Pebble and our friends (even if that flashy wand made my eyes water after a while!).

What are you grateful for?


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  1. I’m glad you got to have a little fun during what’s been a tough and emotionally draining time. Today marked a year since my Dad passed away, I was a little emotional but glad to be with Mum most of the day. It upsets me that he’s not here to see his granddaughters grow, but grateful for the time he did have with them. xx

    1. I just can’t imagine life without any of my parents. Even having gone through losing a brother, it’s just so hard to imagine. It must be really tough for you all at this time of year. Hugs to you x

  2. What a great time of year to begin a new! It is a time of hope, and a time of promise for the future! You have a great looking family and I’m sure they will continue to inspire and push you to great things in 2014!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

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