Octavia and Vicky: The Original

Octavia and Vicky: The Original

Thank goodness for mothers who hang on to the important stuff. I thought I’d lost the original copy of my Octavia and Vicky story… the story which gave it’s name to this little blog. It’s about a little girl name Vicky, and her friend Octavia, the spider. I wrote it at school when I was five (clearly we hadn’t covered punctuation yet!). I can’t remember if this book was based on a picture book that a teacher read to the class, or if I made it up, but my mum has treasured it for years.

As a grown up, I have now taken possession of this treasure, and take great pride in sharing it with you as I say Thanks Mum!

Translation (edited): One day Vicky was in bed and she heard a noise. She woke up and she saw a spider, so she got a broom and she brang Octavia down. She patted her and they had a good time together. They played together and then she went to bed. The next day they had breakfast. In the afternoon Octavia had lunch but Vicky didn’t have lunch but they were still friends. The End.

This week I’m grateful for Mum. Does your mum hang on to precious memories too?

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  1. THAT is TOO cute!! I love it.. something you have treasured and brought to life!! I think its amazing.. My mum kept all our stuff from school and handed it over when we turned 21…

    Kept in a little box, all the things she treasured!

    love it and hope to do it with my children too!

    1. What a gorgeous idea! I might just have to pinch that… althought at the rate I’m going I’ll have to hand over a suitcase of stuff :P

    1. That’s adorable! I am keeping lots at the moment, I think I’ll have to get more selective and start culling *cry*

    1. Oh, me too! I am so looking forward to seeing Pebble’s first stories. I also treasure her first art works from child care, like little windows into her days without me (or my days without her!).

    1. I have toyed with the idea of using it as a header, or using a picture of a spider and a little girl. I’ll need to get some designer type people to help, I think. I’m not so good with the fancy stuff! Thanks for visiting.

  2. I read this post when you first posted it. So sorry it took me this long to comment… because I just ADORE this. I love that you wrote so well at age 5. Such imagination. I love the childhood values that just shine through. “they were still friends”. I love that your mum treasured this. I would too. I can’t wait for my kids to start writing like this. xoxo P
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