New Adventures

In a gentle way, you can shake the world

Hi there! Thank you for reading this blog! ‘Octavia and Vicky’ is my hobby, my escape, my creative outlet, my memory box and my passion. I love it dearly, and I love that each and every day readers old and new come to visit.

I also love that this blog has given me some new opportunities. I’m excited to share that I’ve been invited to join the Kidspot Village Voices community over the summer, and look forward to sharing summer play ideas over there. I’m also working on a collaborative project with a lovely bunch of bloggers, which will give something back to a cause that I feel very strongly about. I look forward to telling you all about it! It’s going to be a full summer and I’m so grateful for these new adventures!

I look forward to continuing to give you all something too, as I share more kids activities, yummy recipes and giveaways along the way. Thanks for coming along for the ride :)

I’d love to know more about you. Do you come here often? Perhaps you’ve never left a comment to say ‘hi’? Please tell me a little something about yourself. Or tell me what you’re grateful for.


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