How does your garden grow…

Winter Vegetable Garden
After years of talking about it we have finally planted our veggie garden. When I say ‘we’ I mostly mean Paul. With hard labour over several weekends, and the much needed help of a good friend, he built up the garden wall and filled it with lovely, stinky dirt for the veggies to grow in. Then this family of four had a big adventure to a garden centre where we loaded up a couple of boxes with seedlings.

We kind of have no idea what we’re doing. We did a little Googling and reading before we left to make a quick list of things to plant now, but apart from that we’re kind of flying by the seat of our pants! I did find this great website which tells you what to plan according to where you live. It’s called Gardenate (not sponsored). You just plug in your climate zone and it gives you lots of info on what to plan and harvest. It will even email you to tell you what to plant in the coming month.

So far we have lots of winter veg in the ground, like cauliflower, brussels sprouts, leeks, onions, peas, , lettuce, carrots, beans, plus a few herbs. They are all looking quite healthy, aside from the cauli which is starting to get nibbled by some unseen garden predator, and the Vietnamese mint, which died a quick death and is looking limp and black.

This patch compliments our herb garden and fruit orchard (ahem…. single lemon tree!) beautifully and we can’t wait to be pulling fresh produce right out of the back yard. It feels like magic to me. It really is quite funny that it feels so normal to pluck my fresh produce from a brightly lit supermarket stand, and so magical to be able to pull it right from the earth soil. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Winter Vegetable GardenWinter Vegetable GardenWinter Vegetable GardenWinter Vegetable GardenWinter Vegetable GardenWinter Vegetable Garden

While we’re not quite ready to harvest yet, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to grow these wonderful veg. To have the space, the time, and money to invest in it all. Not to mention the husband and friends to make it all happen.

What are you grateful for? Do you have a vegetable garden?

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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5 Replies to “How does your garden grow…”

  1. Great work on the garden! You’ve got a great amount of space there and it sounds like you’ve got a good mix of plants. You should look into mulching around your plants to help keep them warm, protected from snails and also to help keep the ground moist. Another great habit to get into is to water regularly (like once a fortnight) with Seasol. Your plants will love it!

    Best of luck with it and sing out if you need any advice. :)
    erin @ she cooks, she gardens recently posted..‘That Red House’ – A visit to an amazing sustainable garden.My Profile

  2. I love my vegie garden! I only started it about two years ago, and like you, I knew nothing and have just been learning as I go. I love pottering in my garden (nice to get outside, I work from home so am chained to the computer at times!), and there is nothing like seeing your own vegies growing before your eyes – and then eating them! You’ll be hooked!
    Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..Scooters, Gophers & Granny MobilesMy Profile

  3. Oh well done! I did one last year, and as looking at it yesterday and it looked very overrun! Time to dig it up and start again.
    I think I’ll expand it this year and add some herbs. And will finitely check out that website. Thanks!
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..DoneMy Profile

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