21 Replies to “Grateful: The view from here”

  1. Oh what a lovely ‘view’ you have. Love the messy play followed by outdoor taps :). And the newborn yawning – gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous gratefuls! The cheeky monkey shot is terrific!

    Water and kids is one of the ‘bacon and eggs’ combinations! x

    1. Thanks for visiting Elisa, I’m enjoying dropping by your blog lately too. It really was so much fun painting with feet, we must do it again sometime soon.

  3. Beautiful view from your kitchen sink…it was one of my must-haves for our house…”see the kids playing from the kitchen sink” (the architect thought I was quite mad)
    Love the messy play too…although my kids hate dirty feet

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting :)
      We used to have a big bushy garden between the pergola and the yard, but we cut it down so we could see the playgym and garden. We have plans to put in a veggie patch in the garden bed…. don’t hold your breath, we’re not known for moving quickly around here ;P

    1. Thank you, I’m really enjoying Maxabella’s gratefuls, they’re helping me to stop and notice the things that I love in my day. Thanks for visiting :)

    1. It does take some effort to make the messy play happen, not just in organising but to make myself just do it, you know? LOL Then once we’re doing it it’s just so awesome I wonder why we don’t do it more often.

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