Ten things I’m afraid to tell you

Fear is a signal that something important is about to happen - pay attention to it

I’m back from the Problogger 2013 Conference and my head and heart are full of fluttery ideas that feel just out of my reach. There are so many ideas that I want to put into motion RIGHT NOW but reality is stopping me in my tracks. Or at least making the wheels really, really squeaky. But that’s ok. I’m still listening to the audio from sessions I missed, still flicking through my notes, still being inspired days later. And to be fair, my reality is pretty awesome. These kids. This guy. This family.

Did you know there’s a project called 365 Grateful by Hailey Bartholomew? I didn’t. But I do now. It seems I may have my head up my own arse, because this project is kind of a Big Deal. Hailey is inspirational and humble and I had the pleasure of meeting her at the conference. And she had the … experience… of meeting me. I met her as the panel were coming off the stage from the presentation. I was speaking too fast and probably not making much sense, trying to tell her about 52 Weeks of Grateful, assuring her I wasn’t trying to steal her idea, telling her how much I loved the power of gratitude. It ended kinda awkwardly and we both went on our way.

But that’s me. I’m kind of awkward sometimes. I have my foot almost permanently in my mouth. I never know what to say to people so I either say nothing or say too much or say the wrong thing.

Maybe that’s why I like blogging so much. I get to edit what I say before I say it.

The truth is, I’m a dag. Take it or leave it, that’s who I am.

This week I’m grateful for ME and accepting myself in all my daggy glory. To celebrate this I’m going to share some words motivated by another inspiring blogger, Brooke from Slow Your Home.

10 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

1. I’m a dag (see above). 

2. My kids watch too much TV.

Especially since Rocky was born. Thank goodness for Aunty ABC.

3. Sometimes we have toast for dinner. 

Or beans. Or bits and pieces of whatever at the back of the fridge. I’m always sharing the photos of my delicious home-cooked meals on Instagram, but I rarely show you the nights that we just had toast. Because who wants to see that?

4. I used to be a boy band groupie.

I followed Take That around Australia with my mates when I was 16 years old. In my final year of high school. It was one of my most incredible experiences of my life. No regrets.

5. I go to bed at nana o’clock.

And I don’t function without sleep. Which makes this whole baby thing a bit tricky!

6. I swear too much. 

WAY too much. Swear jar!

7. I listen to talk back radio. 

The dagginess knows no bounds. I like ABC Radio National, thank you very much.

8. I had (have?) PND.

It’s pretty much under control now, but there have been some of the darkest days of my life since Rocky was born. I didn’t know that things could get so black. I got help. Are you ok? If you’re feeling blue, please get help too.

9. I hate the beach. 

Well, I hate swimming at the beach. I like looking at the beach, walking on the beach. But seaweed, sand, bathers, sun burn, carrying all the things, in all the heat, with all the people. No, thanks.

10. I’m a chronic stress head.

I’m a worrier. I worry before there is anything to worry about. I could worry for Australia in the worry-Olympics.

Phew! Well, that was…. terrifying. Here’s something else I learned at Problogger from the Problogger himself: Fear is a signal that something important is about to happen ~ pay attention to it. This is me. Paying attention to my fear.

27 Replies to “Ten things I’m afraid to tell you”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, lovely! Glad to see you were inspired! It is scary to reveal a little more of yourself, isn’t it? Scary, but liberating.

    I’m currently grateful for the tiny moments in between. The passing smile, the little touch, the tiny beauty of a bee on a lavender flower. It’s all spectacular.

    Have a gorgeous weekend! xx

  2. Feel better? And after revealing all of that (which i knew a fair amount) i still love you and think you are an incredible person, wife, mother.


    1. Hahaha, no boy band chasing for you? I do wonder what it might be like when Pebble gets to that age. Will she be a boy band chaser? (FYI My mum stalked the Bay City Rollers when they were in Adelaide back in the 70s!)

  3. Kylie, this makes me laugh, I was crying when I met Hailey at a function earlier this year!! She had just told a beautiful story and I lost it :)
    I love that you’re a self -confessed dag, me too.
    I really wish I’d gone to PB, hopefully next year.

    1. Hailey nearly lost it in her own presentation! Her story of gratitude and how it touched the lives of others is so heart felt. I hope to go next year too, though I’ll have to be very lucky to go two in a row. I’d love to see you there!

  4. I love this kylie, it seems we have a few things in common! Mostly the dagginess, tv watching, swearing, not liking the beach, hell pretty much everything! It’s always nice to know you’re not alone :)

  5. You and me – we have SO MUCH in common! And speaking of which – how awesome is Hayley. I too made a fool of myself when I met here. I was this crying mascara running weirdo that was so overwhelmed by her talk that I just walked up and threw my arms around her. Um hello whacko :) xx

  6. Loved this post :-) And we have toast and eggs for dinner once a week – it’s on the menu hehehe. I just added my “thankful” post to Instagram so I hope it shows up! Thanks so much for linking up to Magic Moments Monday!

  7. I love this post, thank you so much for adding it to Magic Moments Monday! I am so happy to have found you, I love your writing style and can truly sympathize with several of those confessions. Seriously, the beach? Ick! I don’t get the fascination! And I love the worry Olympics idea, I think I’d be on the medal stand with you! ;)

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