Grateful: Sore bellies

Before I talk about my grateful … have you entered my iTunes voucher giveaway? Ok, as you were.

I’m feeling for my Public Holiday food coma and the 24 hours of sore belly it gave me. Whhhaaaat? Grateful for THAT? Yep, I sure am. Because that sore belly reminded me that I need to look after myself. I have been enjoying food immensely just recently, especially the sugary foods that I avoided for three months.

After a delicious and very, very filling brunch I was craving that healthy feeling again. That full-of-vitamins-and-minerals feeling. I would also like to stop that pants-too-tight feeling. So I wrote myself a healthy life manifesto:

Manifesto for Health{Healthy Life Manifesto ~ like it? Print it!}

Let me break it down:

  • Eat when you’re HUNGRY
    • This is self explanatory. It’s also easy to say, but not so easy (for me) to do.
  • Move more
    • I struggle with getting to the gym, getting out for a walk, finding the motivation to move. I feel guilty for not being a gym bunny or walking every day. That. Stops. Here. You don’t need to be a gym junkie to be healthy. Just move more. It’s better than not moving at all, right?
  • Fill up with vegetables
    • Lately my plate has been missing the veg that I need to feel good, so I’ve been trying to boost every meal with vegetables if possible. I have always made sure that Pebble gets her daily veg, it’s about time I did the same for Paul and I too (it’s probably about time we all started eating the same meals… but that’s a whole other kettle of fish).
  • Eat what you FEEL like
    • Our bodies are pretty clever and they tell us what they need. Don’t listen to your tongue, listen to your gut. Seriously. This morning my tongue wanted pancakes. My gut wanted fruit (baked apples and yoghurt, mmmm). Which do you think is the better choice? No brainer, right?
  • Party food is for parties
    • I’d like to credit David Gillespie for the last point – his words of wisdom from The Sweet Poison Quit Plan. It means that lollies, chips, chocolate, pies and ice cream are not every day foods. Who knew!? The truth is that we all know it, but I sure haven’t been living this truth lately.

I’ve been living my manifesto for a few days now and I feel great. Let’s see if I can turn a few days into a few weeks, and a few weeks into a few months. Anything is possible!

Does living a healthy life come easily to you, or do you struggle like me? What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. I struggle with it too, Kylie, every day. I gave up sugar on May 1st after reading David’s ‘Sweet Poison’ and ‘The Sweet Poison Quit Plan’. I’m actually doing really well and not having sugar at all (generally), but it hasn’t changed my love for it. Or my desire for it. But as long as I can keep it out of my everyday diet, and only have it on special occasions or every now and again, I’ll be happy! I made through another week without a doughnut…I’m grateful for that!! :)

    Visiting from #FYBR
    Tracey @ Bliss Amongst Chaos recently posted..Photo A Day June ~ Day 14My Profile

    1. I think I’ll always be a sugar lover, but I’m keeping my addiction at bay for the most part lately. It’s a constant battle!

  2. Definitely a struggle but fortunately as I’ve gotten older I have been living less in denial and am better at really thinking about consequences. Having said that, am still addicted to sugar. I have also learnt that for me, any diet that eliminates foods or sugar etc only work for me short term and my pendulum will sure as day swing back the other way when it ends. So, now I just try to be sensible. And your manifesto is a terrific example of sensible. I DO need to start thinking of wine as a party food and not an everyday food though. Probably best I don’t think of it as a food at all.
    Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..Helping your kids handle social pressureMy Profile

    1. I absolutely agree, for me if I ban anything I end up coming right back at it with even more momentum. Ah, wine, how I love thee. A glass a day is good for us, right? :)

  3. I try to stay at a particular standard when it comes to health and fitness so when I’m falling short, I know pretty much immediately that I need to lift my game.
    It gets harder and harder with the twinlets continuing to change. My exercise schedule is compromised around their needs.
    Then there’s the evening where I just want to lie like a couch potato and eat potato chips. So bad. But you just feel you need the reward after a particularly hard day. Luckily, those chips don’t come out too often.
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – The Rocky Balboa EditionMy Profile

    1. I’m having a lot of couch potato evenings lately. I think that the more you move, the more you feel like moving. I just need to get started! I loved your Rocky post :)

    1. It is amazing how often I wander past the pantry or fridge and stick my head in, just to see what’s there. As if it’s changed! It is so easy to nibble here and there all day, especially on cold days lately.
      Thanks for your well wishes, I’m going very well with the veggies, but struggling with the moving and the only eating when hungry. It’s suprising how often I’m not hungry!

    1. You’re lucky that your weight balances out with the seasons. I think mine just keeps creeping up and up lately! Damn you summer ice creams…

  4. God speed on the manifesto.

    Wise words indeed. My manifesto is unlimited wine. Unlimited wine and then I can couple that quite happily with fruit and veg and healthiness.

    Alternatively, I can just smile and nod and rub my stomach when people say I’ve got that pregnancy glow. Despite having the twins 3.5 years ago. Ahem.

    1. I did make it myself :) So no easy, I agree. I have been doing well but there is always room for improvement.

    1. Salad and oranges!? That’s a new one. If I don’t eat enough vegies then I crave them, but generally I crave anything with salt/fat/sugar or all of the above!
      If I ignore that loud craving though I can usually pick up on a quiter craving. Today I wanted hot buttered toast, but then realised what I really wanted was a lovely warming bowl of banana porridge. So much more filling, and delish!

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