Grateful: Little Scientists

A favourite activity of Pebble’s lately (and mine too) is to make “ex-per-i-ents“. Ever since we made our Wizard’s Brew she has been very keen to try out new “ex-per-i-ents”.  These are “REALLY good ideas” where Pebble takes a few simple objects and tests out her theories. The other day it was testing what would happen if she coloured a picture of a butterfly with texta, then covered it in glue, folded it in half and tried to open it again. The narration is my favourite part – excited and tense murmurings of “what’s going to happen?” and “first you get the texta, then you press, press, press, and fold, fold, fold“. Then comes frustration – the paper rips and there is a mini tantrum. Now it’s my turn to explain, guide, and suggest. “I think the paper is ripping because the glue is too sticky. What if we tried some paint?”. Nope, not quite right apparently. “What if we tried smudging the texta with water?” Yes! With this offer accepted, we tried dipping a cotton square in water and smudging the texta. “It’s washing it away!” she cried out. Indeed it did, and also got very, very soggy. So of course we hung it on the washing line to dry. Next her interest turned to the cotton squares – what would happen if she drew on them with texta? Then wet them? Then pressed them with glue?

Little Scientist 1 Little Scientist 2 Little Scientist 3

This morning the “ex-per-i-ent” was with play dough and bottle tops. “Come and watch my experient, mum”, “This is my very special trick, I roll it and roll it and roll it smooth”, “Now we get the bottle toppers and cut, cut, cut and TA-DA! Can you see? It’s a circle!”, “Now let’s see what’s going to happen, are you ready? First I press it on one side, then…. I turn it over …… and press on the other side!” Even as I write this post, Pebble is playing beside me with play dough and paper, folding the play dough inside the paper, pressing it down, trying to stand objects up in blobs of play dough. It is such simple play, but with so much thinking involved, testing, fixing ‘failures’, trying new methods.

This week I’m grateful for my little scientist and her imagination, persistence and delight in the wonders of her world.

What are you grateful for? 


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15 Replies to “Grateful: Little Scientists”

    1. I love all the box creations that the children in my class come up with. They call it ‘making’ and they just go nuts with the box of recycling and a craft trolley. I just stand back and watch :)
      I have some big adjustments to make with baby #2 on the way, it will mean a lot less time that I can devote to my big girl :/

  1. Just saw your comment above kylie. Don’t worry, she will become your big helper and you will bond that way, and just spend some one-on-one time with her when baby sleeps. She will be fine, and rapt about the new little person at home I’m sure xx

  2. I just love the imagination and the curiosity, beautiful! I don’t have the patience for it though, so I take my hat off to you.
    My 4yr old will come to me and say “Mummy, I want to make a santa beard, we’ll use cotton wool, sticky tape and pipe cleaners.” And rather than allow for a trial and error, I give him a talk on how I don’t think pipe cleaners and sticky tape will hold cotton wool together and that we’d be better off using glue and ribbon, and then I end up doing it all for him! It’s terrible, the poor boy will never have the confidence to try things!
    Kelly HTandT recently posted..Social RetardationMy Profile

    1. It is such a struggle to not elbow my little one out the way and take over LOL I have to sit on my hands and press my lips closed, even as I see a tantrum coming because she is trying something that I KNOW is not going to work. There are definitely days when my patience is not so good, but I do try :D

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