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This week Pebble has been sick, along with almost every other kid across Australia during this first week of winter, I’m sure. Snotty faces and chunky coughs are the norm around here, and I’m over it! The doc says there is not much we can do but wait it out. That’s why I am grateful, grateful, grateful for gorgeous packages in the post – they break up the monotony of another broken sleep, another pile of tissues, another uneaten meal.

I was recently very lucky. Three times lucky! I won three blog giveaways in the space of three weeks. First I won Wedding’s, Babies, … Everything’s emvee necklace giveaway. THEN I won About a Bugg’s Sienna Rose print giveaway. THEN I won Wouldn’t It Be Loverly’s ‘I love paper’ giveaway! THEN I bought a lotto ticket. I didn’t win. Meh.

How fun are packages in the post?! They light up a dark day, I can tell you. Check me out in my emvee necklace:

emvee{statement necklace, anyone? yes please! thanks Amelia and emvee}

And how pretty is this package from Cat @ Wouldn’t it Beloverly?


Cat’s handmade cards are divine, I can’t wait to give them out to loved ones – not to mention joining in with Claire’s handwriting challenge, as promised. The Paper + Craft book is simply beautiful, with so many gorgeous ideas. I can’t decide which one to do first! Perhaps the Birdie Mobile – or the Moustache Drink Toppers? Too, too much fun.

I still have another package to look forward to from Sienna Rose. I will be sure to share it on Instagram :)

Have you received anything lovely in the post lately?

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  1. Lucky you! Love the necklace. My mum is always sending me packages.. always stuff for the girls though.. Although I still very much enjoy opening up the parcels. Mum can’t resist cute little girl outfits when she’s out and about so her granddaughters are very spoilt! Xx

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous Kylie! You look fab. After the week from HELL, I got an email yesterday to say I’d won a purse from Sportscraft! Gives you a nice little buzz doesn’t it? Rx
    Rachel Noble recently posted..Pick me upsMy Profile

  3. I LOVE post! Most of our post is Mr. Mandie buying sneacky stuff on eBay (footy cards, annoying scooby doo trinkets to clog up my lovely, minimalist shelves), but when I get something for me, it makes my day!
    MsMandie recently posted..I Got Touched Up By A (Minor) CelebrityMy Profile

    • Sneaky hubby! My hubby almost never buys anything online (or at the shops, for that matter!), so it’s almost always good news for me. I do hate it when the psotie gets the address wrong though. One day I had a lovely big package on my doorstep… only to find it addressed to the neighbours.

  4. Wow, you certainly were lucky – great prizes! Nothing better than packages in the mail – beats bills every time :)
    Cathy recently posted..When Exhaustion Strikes…My Profile

  5. What an awesome week. I can only think you must have been home to receive the parcels because the one thing that does detract from the whole experience is having to schlep to the post office. Parking, small children, rain… etc
    Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..The Mastery Club – an interview with author Liliane GraceMy Profile

    • They had somehow stuffed this one into our rather large letterbox! Thank goodness it was safe in there and it didn’t rain too much today. That is one problem with parcels, isn’t it? Sometimes I HAVE been home and the delivery guy is in such a rush they didn’t even ring the bell, they just left a slip under the mat. I was MAD!

  6. I did… a pair of Proskins to try out… but it’s cold today and too lovely indoors so I am being lazy. Love that paper especially, it’s beautiful. Glad you had some cheery spots in a week of snot and coughs.
    Seana Smith recently posted..TGIF – Here’s To a Junk Food FridayMy Profile

    • I’d love to try some proskins, I wish someone would post some to me to try out. I see all these people running around in them – maybe that’s where they get their energy? I hope you have fun using them, when you can drag yourself outside :)

  7. Snail mail packages are the best! What a wonderful way to brighten up the day.
    And yes, those nasty colds. I wish they’ll go away! We’ve already been through two rounds over here and I’m bracing myself for a third….
    You look just gorgeous in that necklace too.
    Ronnie xo
    Pink Ronnie recently posted..Why are you dropping so much hair?My Profile

    • Will the cold and flu ever stop!? Winter used to be my favourite season before I had a bub. Thanks so much for the compliment x

  8. Wow, you have scored lately! I too have become very lucky since becoming a blogger and I love it. Golf man honestly can’t understand it when I tell him that I’ve won something … again. Who knows what he thinks of it all. I haven’t won lotto either though. : s
    Penny recently posted..Does Your Child have an Animalistic Sense of Smell?My Profile

    • My husband is a bit the same, but I’m sure he’s appreciating me winning these things rather than buying them ;P

  9. Check you out with all your goodies !!! And another one still yet to come ! Loving that necklace. Very pretty!!!
    I love snail mail packages. Ripping them open,”oohing and aaahing” over it, love it all :)
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – How to par-taaay in your 40′s editionMy Profile

  10. I LOVE packages! I’m getting a whole heap today that got sent to my parents house – very excited to get them :) Congrats on all the winnings!
    Rinniez recently confusionMy Profile

  11. I love mail! So much fun! I’m waiting on a couple of blog prizes myself. :)
    Jess@diaryofasahm recently posted..Parenting FailMy Profile

  12. Oh how lovely… Yes, I had miss 7 home from school this week – one of the main reasons I detest winter! Getting stuff in the post is way exciting! Cheers, Mez
    Mez recently posted..Grateful PostMy Profile

  13. I love snail mail! Nothing exciting lately, but how lucky are you! :) xx
    Elisa {with grace and eve} recently posted..Oh, there you are…My Profile

  14. You lucky thing! I love getting mail, especially parcels or snail mail letter from a friend. :)
    Julie recently posted..Week 23: Grateful for SupportMy Profile

    • There is something special about old school mail, isn’t it. That extra bit of effort is lovely.

  15. Look at all your goodies you lucky duck. Glad your pieces arrived in good order lovely! xx
    Cat recently posted..Le craft with le kids: Jelly Play DoughMy Profile

    • Thanks again Cat. My step-mum loved getting one of your cards for her birthday today – the purple ‘happy’ card. Her fav colour :)

  16. hi! just wanted to stop by and say hello! I’m your newest follower and i found you through the 52 weeks of grateful which i am doing as well but i’m doing all vlogs! (videos!) which i thought would be fun! anyways, great post, I think it’s wonderful to see what everyone is thankful for cause it just makes me that much more thankful/grateful myself, so thank you!! have a great week!!

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