{Grateful} Empathy, Chicken and So What?

Gratitude has found me many times this week, popping up randomly throughout my days with a little bit of joy, hope, love, light, laughter and perspective.

{Empathy} A friend send me this video and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I hope it makes you think too.

{Chicken} Pebble requested chicken legs for dinner, which was MOST exciting to me as she rarely request anything other than tuna mornay or fish fingers. I quickly surveyed the FB crowd and got some delicious suggestions for tasty ways to cook up drummies. I went with Mel’s famous marinade which was absolutely finger licking good. I’m the butter dripping down my chin was not a good sign for my hips, but it was delicious. Pebble happily gobbled her chicken up, but only when it was removed from said leg bone. Funny kid. I look forward to trying Kate’s yoghurt, soy and garlic method too.

{So What?} Rocky and I went to a sleep doctor. I really like her. I agree with her approach and like that she offered to help with Pebble’s sleep and my anxiety too. There is just one small glitch – I found out that she only works two days a week. The same two days a week that I’ll be working this year. A very sad coincidence, but I have one more appointment between now and work starting, and her book to help me out for now. As well as two words: “So what?”. Those two words have helped ease some of my anxiety today. So the baby isn’t asleep yet? So what? So there’s glitter all over the house? So what? So I haven’t wrapped a single Christmas present yet? So what? It helped me to stop the spiral of negative thoughts and rising panic that so often takes hold. I’m grateful for that.

What are you grateful for? 

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