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Grateful: Blogging



I’ve always been a writer. If I haven’t been writing on paper or on a keyboard then I’m writing in my head. Constantly. I have written blogs in the past, but nothing with any real direction. This little project is something that has been brewing for a long time. I’ve had a big break from blogging. I really missed it. I didn’t think I’d ever blog again.

But then you know what? I read this post from one of my favourite bloggers and I just thought “THAT’S IT! I’m gonna blog! For me. Right now.” And I did.

I feel like I’ve pulled my favourite fleecy jumper out of the cupboard and am snuggling up by the fire, settling in for a good story. Sure, I have dry, tired eyes from staring at my screen far too long in an effort to understand WordPress (WTF was I thinking leaving Blogger!?). But it’s all good fun, a learning journey.

Today, I’m grateful for blogging.

Another fabulous blogger has been helping others keep in touch with gratitude for quite some time now. Pop on over to see what others have to share.



  1. And here you are! I see a time one day when EVERYONE will have some sort of blog. It’s just a very nice thing to do. x

  2. And here you are! One day maybe the whole world will have some kind of blog. It’s just a really nice thing to do. x

  3. Be still my beating heart! A comment! My very first on this little space. Thanks for cheering up my day. Love your work.

  4. I just found this blog and am grateful for you. Will be reading more soon…

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