Generous friends

Hey. How are you? Are you ok? Really? I hope so.

I’m doing ok, thanks.

I’m feeling very lucky, actually. I am so thankful for the thoughtfulness, kindness and love of my friends, especially lately.

Yesterday I received an unexpected package in the post. It flew here all the way from America! But really, it was a gift from my lovely, generous, lion-hearted friend just a few suburbs away. A beautifully hand stamped cuff, with words of strength and encouragement tucked away on the inside.
Grateful for thoughtful friends {Octavia and Vicky}

Grateful for thoughtful friends {Octavia and Vicky}
I tore open the package before I even got to the front door, so curious to see what was inside. Imagine my surprise when I found this touching, thoughtful gift. Speechless and teary, I slipped it onto my arm, where it has continued to give me great comfort. It’s not just the words inside that are propping me up, but the knowledge that someone is thinking of me.

My friends and family have got my back right now. It might come in the form of a little text message, a quick phone call, a hot meal, a warm hug, or a lovely gift. I appreciate every single one and one day I will give that love right back. That’s what friends are for.

My apologies for missing out on the grateful linky last week. I know that you’ll all understand. I hope that a few of you are out there to join in this week. I sure would love to read your positive words :)

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