Flannel sheets and micro sleeps

I will be grateful for this day
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It’s winter in Australia right now, and every family I know is battling with the dreaded coughs, colds and germs. Our kids have been playing cough ping pong across the hallway with each other all night.

*cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*

Just as my brain drifts into a tiny sleep: *COUGH*

It’s been bed swapsies all week, with Pebble in my bed next to Daddy and Rocky permanently attached to the breast with me in Pebble’s bed. Anything to get a little shut eye.

Only one thing kept me sane in those small wee, dark hours. Gratitude. As I felt my shoulders tense at each cough, as I was woken again and again, as I started to stress about all that I had to do the next day, I just kept these thoughts running over and over in my mind. And it helped. It helped, oh, so much.

I’m grateful:

  • that my kids aren’t in hospital with worse sickness
  • that I have a baby to snuggle
  • that my little girl is happy and energetic in the day light hours, even after awful nights
  • for flannel sheets
  • for breastfeeding
  • for bottle feeding
  • for easily purchased medicines
  • that I can take my children to the doctors or call one out to my house
  • that I have a few paid gigs to bring in some extra money for us
  • for gas heaters
  • for the internet and it’s community to keep me company
  • that I have my husband to help tag team it with the coughing kiddos

With each grateful though my shoulders relaxed and my mind drifted more easily into sleep, and I felt peaceful and happy.

Have you tried sprinkling a little gratitude into your day (or night)?

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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12 Replies to “Flannel sheets and micro sleeps”

  1. I( hope you are all feeling better – big hugs. I think that is the power of gratitude and why I continue to be evangelical about it… the easing of the shoulders, the lifting of the spirit. it does bring you back to all that is good instead of wallowing in the hard moments.

    congrats on being the new host of grateful – i have missed it during my break xx
    Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..Pushing throughMy Profile

  2. Oh, I love my flannel sheets too!! We’ve had Popette coughing for the past few nights, during the day she seems fine, but as soon as she’s in bed, *cough*, *cough*, *cough* :( I hope Pebble is better soon.

    Congrats on the grateful hostess role, while on my bloggy break I decided that I need to make a comeback to being grateful even if it’s just a status update on my FB page, which it is this week. take care, Julie xx
    JulieM recently posted..A Mumma’s letter to her girlsMy Profile

  3. Congratulations on becoming the new home for #52weeksofgrateful! I do hope that next week is a little better for you and your family, more sunshine and less coughing!
    Kate recently posted..Winter LoveMy Profile

  4. I love flannel. I make a tied quilt blanket out of flannel that I get at Goodwill; 8 x 8 squares sewn together and tied at the corners. I even use it in the summer months because I have the fan on all the time.

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