Dream Big

Dream Big


I believe that I can do anything, be anything, that I want to be. I believe in dreaming big.

I learned this when I was fifteen. I wanted something really, really badly. Actually, it’s kind of a lame story. Promise you won’t laugh?

I was in love with a *cough* boy band. Obsessed. I would have done anything to meet them. So when I heard that boy band was coming to Australia I made a plan. I worked late nights asking “would you like fries with that?” and scrubbing away greasy salt from stainless steel. I saved up all my pennies and booked planes and hotels rooms and concert tickets with my friends. We travelled around Australia together, having the time of our lives – and yes, meeting that beloved boy band. As it turned out, they were human after all, and not the prince-like stuff of my dreams. But I don’t regret it one bit. It was an adventure! It was also the first time that I had worked hard to make my dreams come true.

Then when I was in my twenties I dreamed of becoming a teacher. I found out what I needed to do and made a plan. I asked for some advice from professionals, and got told there was no way that I could succeed. I was practically laughed at. Instead of getting knocked down I laughed right back and chased my big dream. I worked two jobs while studying for five years. Now, here I am, living the dream! It was hard work getting there, and is even harder work living the reality of being a teaching professional. But it’s rewarding, exciting, fun and interesting and I’ve never looked back.

In my thirties I started playing around with this thing called blogging and dreamt of being a Blogger. I wanted to be able to write about my life with my kids and to record our adventures. I also dreamt that I might one day earn a little bit of money for this hobby. I started writing a blog. I stopped writing that blog. I started a new blog. I met other bloggers. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and I made my dream come true. While doing something I love I’m getting the chance to earn a little extra money for my family, and also to give something back to the loyal readers who keep visiting Octavia and Vicky (more awesome giveaways coming up in the next few weeks! x).

I’ve already got the seed of another Big Dream ready to plant. But that’s another story.

I’m grateful for big dreams, for the love and support of family and friends, for living a privileged life that allows me the freedom of choice, and for big dreams that I haven’t even dreamt yet.

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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12 Replies to “Dream Big”

  1. Excellent, excellent story! I am very intrigued as to who the boy band was!! I also believe in dreaming big – good on you Kylie!! I am also very pleased that you are hosting this!
    : )

  2. I have such huge admiration for those like yourself who dream big and (importantly!) put your dreams into action. I have always been a “small dreamer” – I never dare to make them big, wish I could! I guess lots and lots of small dreams eventually add up to something, but it sure is taking the long way there. Go you, Kylie. Keep dreaming enormously and with passion. x

  3. A great, true inspirational blog. My children continue to be my biggest inspiration.

    May all your dreams come true!!

  4. I love that boy band story. What an adventure it must have been. Your post reminded me how I made things happen when I was younger and then at some point I let fear slip in. I’m back on track to dreaming big again now and blogging has certainly helped a lot with this journey.

  5. Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without my amazing family and friends – and I include my virtual blogger friends in that! So thank you, all, I am tremendously grateful to you :)

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