Beaches, bloggers and babies

There is always something to be grateful for{image}

This week I’m grateful to have the support of my family to go to Problogger 2013 on the Gold Coast. This is a huge, exciting opportunity for me to learn how to make Octavia and Vicky into the best little blog that it ever could be. I’m also so excited to be meeting many of my favourite bloggers in person, some of them for the second time.

I wouldn’t be able to do all of this without the never ending support of my wonderful hubby. He not only supports me going to Problogger, but encouraged me to go. And I’m taking his mum with me! Grandma is on duty to care for Rocky for most of the conference, thank goodness. There really is very little learning to be achieved when a six month old is grabbing everything his little hands can reach, or rolling across the floor and licking chair legs.

We might not be hitting the beaches while we’re there, it’s a whirlwind trip, but we’ll have a nice view of them :) Make sure you check out my Instagram feed to see what we’re up to.

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