21 Days of Contagious Gratitude

I am joining in with a big bunch of lovely bloggers to spread the love in November for 21 Days of Contagious Gratitude (special thanks to Maria for hosting the project – hi Maria!).  You all know that I love my gratefuls, and join in with Maxabella and Kidspot most weeks for 52 Weeks of Grateful. This extra project was something that I couldn’t resist, and I hope it will help to spread the gratitude bug all over the world.

Since starting to reflect on gratitude I have found it SO much easier to find things to be grateful for every day. I remember trying to write some of my first grateful posts, and I really had to think about it. Now I have so many that I don’t know which to choose first! It really helps to be able to find gratitude in even the most trying moments of my life – gratitude is a little life raft of happiness that I cling to when things are getting me down.

This week I am grateful for ….

1. small surprises ~ I love stumbling across cute little surprises around the house. A teddy stuffed under the covers of our freshly made bed was just one this week. They always make me smile.

2. books ~ I have a gorgeous collection of children’s books, some of my own from childhood, some bought especially for Pebble, some bought just because I love them, and many donated from a very generous woman who used to be a teacher (and my boss). I treasure each and every one.

3. health ~ I am so blessed that my family and I have our health. I have a healthy baby, a healthy daughter,  a healthy husband and a healthy me. I am very, very lucky.

4. food ~ every day I feed my family and I fresh, tasty, healthy (and some not so healthy) foods. We have so much to choose from, and have access to it so easily.

… a special  mention to the gorgeous Jo (you know who you are) who has embraced this gratitude bug and spread the love with her friends xx
Inspired by Family Magazine

Why don’t you give it a go? Tell me something that you’re grateful for  – spread the love :)

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