Finding My Style: The Wardrobe Collection

Finding My Style: The Wardrobe Collection

Now for another update on how I’m going with the Make It Look Easy girls, Nat and Tatum. You can catch up on my previous posts here:

So, you know about selfies, right? Maybe you’re so over selfies. But what about taking selfies that are just for you? Taking Nat’s advice, I’m now a daily wardrobe selfie lover. Well, maybe not daily. I don’t take photos on those days when I’m just in my PJs haha! But when I’m making an effort to go anywhere, even if it’s just to the supermarket, I take a snap as I rush out the door. Then I pop it into my ‘Wardrobe Collection’ album. I use Google+ to do all of this on my phone, it’s just takes a sec.

I can’t tell you how useful this little collection of photos has been. You know those mornings when you don’t know what to wear? I just flip through the album on my phone and choose something that makes me smile. It’s also great for weeding out those not so awesome outfits. Sometimes I look back at a pic and think ‘bleuch’ and either never wear that combo again, or decide it’s time to retire something from my wardrobe altogether. It’s really interesting looking back and seeing how my style has changed since I first met Nat and Tatum and had my Make It Look Easy consultation.

Finding My Style: The Wardrobe Collection

Finding My Style: The Wardrobe Collection

The result is effortless dressing every day, in clothes I feel great in! You can’t get much easier than that, right? That’s what Nat and Tatum do. They Make It Look Easy.

I know that some of you might be cringing at the idea of taking a selfie. It can take some getting used to. Ok, I’m not gonna lie – I’m a blogger and a poser from way back, so taking pics of myself comes naturally haha! Trust me, though, with a little practice you’ll get the hang of it, and you don’t have to show anybody.

Me? I like to show my selfies off. Not to the world, but to my new friends in the MILE High Club Facebook Group. It’s a private group, only members can see posts. When I’d like some feedback on a new outfit, or even something I’ve tried on at the shops, I upload a pic. It’s really inspiring seeing the wardrobe combos of other members, too. Find out more about the MILE High Club (and no, it’s not THAT kind of mile high!).

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6 Replies to “Finding My Style: The Wardrobe Collection”

  1. Looking great Kylie! I really need some help in the wardrobe department. I have been alternating between 2 pairs of jeans, my best pair of tracksuit pants (not very fashionable I know for school drop-off, but they keep me warm) and now a new pair of cargo pants. I will have to try out some of your ideas :) xx

  2. Looking great Kylie! Amazing the transformation that you can see in the pictures, the clothing now really seems to suit you and your personality better!

  3. Kylie, you rock! I love how getting confident with new styles allows you to express even more of your personality. It’s been so lovely getting to know you better in Mileista HQ. Mwa x

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