Finding My Style – The Shopping Day

If I get a text from my sister that says,”Pretty Woman!” it means just one thing. She’s been clothes shopping and has armfuls of loot! This has been our not-so-secret-code since our big shopping days back in our twenties. These days those euphoric shopping moments happen much less often, and if either of us does have armfuls of shopping bags they’re either groceries or clothes for the kids!

Personal Shopping Experience

Luckily for me I recently had that ‘Pretty Woman’ moment again and this time I had help. Nat and Tatum from ‘Make it Look Easy‘ took me on a Shopping Day as a part of their Mile High First Class Personal Package. Previously they had visited me at home and helped me reorganise my life, including my wardrobe and pantry, and Nat had given me a professional style consultation. I was armed with knowledge about personal colours, body and shape face, necklines and hemlines, prints and patterns and much more.

Fashion has changed so much since I was a more regular shopper. Lots of my clothes have come from clothes swaps with friends or thrift shop finds. Before my style consultation I would walk into a clothes shop and feel overwhelmed by the options and have no idea how to mix and match pieces to make them look good. The style consultation was like being given Super Fashion Goggles that help me spot the pieces that will work for me. It’s made it so much easier to wade through patterns, textures, colours and shapes and pull an outfit together from my own wardrobe too.

Nat and Tatum had done all the hard work before we met for our shop. They used the style consultation results to search through their favourite fashion stores and pick out pieces just for me to try. They really know their stuff and had all my sizes picked out just right, we never had to send an item back to swap for a different size. They also remembered items from my wardrobe and made suggestions for how my new pieces could work with what I already owned. I know! Awesome, right?!

I was amazed as time and again they picked an item from the rack that I wouldn’t have looked twice at, then as I tried it on they showed me how to fold, tuck, cuff and belt to make the outfit look amazing, but still effortless. As we got to the checkout I was able to take advantage of their relationship with many of the stores and get a happy little discount. Winning!

Tatum and Nat - MILE Make It Look Easy
The gorgeous Tatum (L) and Nat on our shopping day

Finding my style - the shopping daySome of the items I tried on and purchased:
Just Jeans Authentic Skinny Ankle Crop Jean | Essential Long Line Tunic | Birdy Floral Scarf

A very special thank you to Nat and Tatum for this fun day and for giving me the Mile High First Class Personal Package to try. I’ll be sharing more with you soon about how I’m working my new wardrobe and Tatum’s advice on food, health and fitness for our family.

If you’d like tips for Making It Look Easy you can sign up for free weekly newsletters full of style tips or follow Make It Look Easy on Facebook. Nat also shares her daily outfit posts on Facebook. Find out about Make It Look Easy packages and ebooks in their online shop, including their brand new Scarves Made Easy ebook – available for purchase THIS WEEK ONLY! Be quick :)

Do you have many Pretty Woman moments? Or are your arms full of groceries?

7 Replies to “Finding My Style – The Shopping Day”

  1. Great outfit! What an awesome experience for you. I have so many old clothes from when I was working which I don’t wear anymore, but haven’t tossed out “just in case”, I’d love to have someone help me reorganise my wardrobe ;)

  2. How inspirational! Love this. I would LOVE some help organizing my style… I go through stages of trying to get it done but always resort to the same old same old!

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