Dance for Finlay

hepatoblastoma #justkeepdancing #friendsoffinlay

In February 2015, my dear blogging friend Katey had the life changing news that her beautiful 18 month old boy Finlay had stage 4 hepatoblastoma. Finlay has been courageously fighting this terrible cancer ever since with his amazing family always by his side. He is expected to have surgery today, having flown across the country from his home in Perth to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

hepatoblastoma #justkeepdancing #friendsoffinlay (Find out more about the Kids Cancer Project)

In keeping with Ellen Degeneres’ #justkeepdancing project, we’re asking you to please send your most positive love, prayers and well wishes for dear Finlay. You can do this by sharing a video of yourself, your kids, your cats or your dogs, whoever! As long as there’s dancing involved. Don’t forget to add the hashtags #justkeepdancing #friendsoffinlay to share the love. Katey and Finlay will get so much love from seeing your dancing videos.

I’m sharing this video of Rocky, who’s about the same age as Finlay, dancing his little butt off at his Nana and Grandad’s house recently. Looking at his rosy cheeks and chubby little belly I feel so blessed to have a child in good health.

You can follow Finlay’s journey on the Facebook page. Please also consider joining us in donating to Finlay’s family and further cancer research.

Thank you for your support.

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