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Things Kids Say: January 2013


{Things Kids Say}
A collection of Pebble’s musings ~ January 2013, 3 years old

Things Kids Say | Octavia and Vicky“Mummy, let’s play schools!”

“Mummy, I’m doing my study-work”.
Guess who’s Daddy is studying for his Masters at the  moment?

“It’s the truth that you need to give that to me because it’s true and dangerous”.
I think this is an attempt to sound very serious and convincing to get what she wants.

“I liked that cake that I had once ago”
‘Once ago’ is the favourite term used for past tense at the moment.

“No! I want the (insert opposite/alternative of whatever you just offered)”.
For example, you serve dinner in  a blue bowl, she wants a red one. You serve it a red one, she wants a blue one. Not frustrating AT ALL.

“The fairy has her eye things on to respect her eyes. To respect her eyes from the scarecrows.  Cos the scarecrow sticks can hurt their eyes REALLY BADLY”.
Who knew that scarecrows were so… scary?!

Me: what would you like to do tomorrow? 
Pebble: *sigh* I don’t know. I need to think about it in my dreams.

“What can we make with this!?”
She has become the ultimate recycler, every little scrap of rubbish is a new treasure to make something with.

“When is my baby coming?”
She is getting impatient for the arrival of her little baby brother or sister.

“The fairy is talking a stralk along, stralking along, stralking along”
Perhaps a combination of strolling and walking?

“I’m just a bit busy doing all my jobs at the moment”
An echo from things Mummy says?

“Which chair is a photo?…. A helicopter!” {insert fake riotous laughter here}
She is just learning to tell jokes. They need some work :)

Things Kids Say | Octavia and VickyAnd then… she sprayed me right in the crotch.

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  1. I like ‘once ago’ – so oldy worldy. My little one used ‘last day’ for anything that happened in the past. Kids say the cutest things.
    Ali recently posted..Valentines stick dolly giftsMy Profile

  2. I love the things they say. I got, “I can help you in two minutes Mummy” the other day… ummm I wonder who used that line? Oops! xx
    Elisa {With Grace & Eve} recently posted..Learning to breathe againMy Profile

  3. Some are cute, some are sweet, some are funny: I love kid’s thoughts! My 5yo too gave me the “sorry Mum, I’d love to help you, but I’m a bit too busy at the moment” spiel…

    “Once ago” is adorable!
    Sara recently posted..Pregnant daze – A preamble to my kids’ birth storiesMy Profile

  4. ‘Once ago’ is similar to my four year old’s version of a combo of ‘yesterday’ and a ‘long time ago’ – ‘yestergo’.
    Rachel recently posted..An Out of the Ordinary Work LunchMy Profile

  5. Love her joke attempt. :-D Hopefully they get a bit better with time! And little Pebble, it’s not long now till that baby gets there!
    Talia recently posted..7/52My Profile

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