Things Kids Say: February 2013 – and The Weekly Kids Co-Op

PONIES“The ponies are lying on the grass and watching the clouds in the sky”

Pebble: “My tummy is hungry for chocolate”.
Me: “Sorry, you can’t have any chocolate, would you like some fruit or some yoghurt?”
Pebble: “Noooooo. My tum-my! My tum-my says it!”
Me: “No, you’ve already had some chocolate today. What else would you like?”
Pebble: *sigh* “Ok. I’ll have a bowl of peas. But I want LOTS!”

While we were having a cuddle on the couch, just the two of us: “I’ve got an idea! When the baby comes we could just have a turn. When one kid is having a cuddle with one adult, then the other kid has a cuddle with the other adult. And then we take a turn and the other kid has a cuddle with the other adult!”. She looked very pleased with herself for working out how she was going to share her Mummy and Daddy with this new little sibling.

“Why? But why? Why mummy? Why, why, why, why?”
It doesn’t seem to matter what I say, there will always be another ‘why’.

My friend NyaNya ….. {insert tall tale here}“. She has an imaginary freind called NyaNya (which I think is actually ‘Liana’). She likes ziana (lasagne) and she lives in the house in front of us with the red roof. We are hearing more and more about her friend NyaNya everyday.

Can you please make me a sticky ball?
A ‘sticky ball’ is an inside out loop of sticky tape – very important for Pebble’s recycled constructions, and a bit tricky for her to do by herself. Sometimes it is phrased differently. More like: “I NEED A STICKY BALL!

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