Things Kids Say – April

Practising her 'ballet' (self taught)
Practising her ‘ballet’ (self taught)

Pebble: When Mummy eats more and more food then we’ll have ANOTHER baby and we’ll be busy malizzy!

Rocky: wah wah wah
Pebble: I know that
Rocky: wah wah wah
Pebble: I said I KNOW that!

Pebble: Don’t call me my name, just call me Your Majesty.

{At the dinner table}
Pebble: EVERYONE STOP TALKING! This. Dinner. Is. So. So. Yummy.

{While Pebble and I were dancing around the lounge room together}
Pebble: Stop dancing like that, Mummy. I’m trying to dance cute.

Rocky: Coooooo. A-coooooooo.
{A new skill: cooing. It is terribly adorable}

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