Things Kids Say May 2013

Things Kids Say May 2013I wanna be Buzz Lightyear when I grow up.

My friend Tinkerbell is hughnormous. She is the same age as my scooter!
In Pebble’s language, age = height.

While in the doctor’s waiting room, gearing herself up to talk to another kid:
I’m going over there to talk to that girl. I’m going to ask what’s your name, and then she’ll ask what’s my name and then I’ll say let’s play together.

While watching a TV show where the characters are playing in the snow:
But where is Father Christmas? I thought snow meant it was Christmas time?

I’m tired. I’m really, really tired. I need a sleep. But I don’t want to sleep. But I’m soooo tired.

Mummy! My scooter is shrinking! First it was up to here (holds hands up to chest height) and now it’s up to here (holds hands up to waist height).

[Rocky] is splendid. That means great and good. Splendid!

Her takeaway thoughts on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:
Now that she married the prince he has to share the horse with her. That’s good.

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