How to be a Kindy Kid {by Pebble}

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble

This weekend we went to the end of year party at Pebble’s Kindergarten…. and just like that, a year of kindergarten is (almost) done! I got a little teary listening to her singing – when I wasn’t chasing Rocky around!. Now she’s doing school visits and before we know it she’ll be off to Big School five days a week. All day! People say ‘enjoy them while they’re little’ but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I asked Pebble if she could tell me some things about kindy that might help kids who are about to go to kindy for the first time. Her answers are just a little bit sweet :)

How do you make friends at kindy?

You play with each other and then after you can say “can I please be your friend?”. Cos I did that with D one day and we were playing squish squash. And she said yes.

What do you do at kindy?

You need to follow the rules at kindy. Two people are allowed on the tyre swing and one person is allowed on the other swing. And you don’t go under the making table. If you don’t follow the rules you might hurt yourself. You can’t pick the plants unless you ask the teacher. You might get told off.

What do you learn about at kindy?

About……. how to care for people. Like if a friend has lost their gumnut baby you should always help them find it.

What was your favourite thing about kindy?

The swings. And all the kid’s inventions at the making table.

What do you think you’ll like best about going to school?

Mostly just the playground.

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble
First day of kindy (with an unfortunate bug bite on her eyelid!)
How to be a kindy kid by Pebble
First day of Kindy
How to be a kindy kid by Pebble
On excursion with her bestie (thanks to my friend, Katrina, for this pic)
How to be a kindy kid by Pebble
Twirling to music at the end of year party

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble

I’d love to say a big thank you to Pebble’s kindergarten educators, they have worked so hard this year. Their constant patience, understanding, and kindness has helped Pebble to grow into the confident kid she is today. They have so often gone over and above to make this year special for the kindergarten children and their families, we will remember this time fondly.

Do you have a kindy graduate in your house this year? What advice would they give to new kindy kids?

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  1. I loved reading your interview with Pebble. It’s so special to capture their words as they say them – it will be something lovely to look back on when she’s older. Good luck at big school Pebble!

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