Conversations ~ 2 years, 8 months

Continuing the Conversations series, which is a collection of the little things that Pebble says. They’re too good to let slip by and be forgotten.

~ (To Nanette while playing doctors) do you want the good news, or the bad news?

~ (talking about what another child said at child care, placing her hands either side of her face Macaulay Culkin style) I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t believe it!

~ Pebble: I want the orange bowl for my tuna and the blue bowl for my peas and rice.
Me: Why? (parents and their stupid questions!)
Pebble: Because that’s what my choices are (duh mummy).

~ (being pushed in her pram across around Brisbane and telling story after story) I’m telling stories to all the people with all my words to make them happy!

~ I want more SAUCE (tomato sauce. A new love affair)

~ Let’s play restaurants! Come in everyone and wait for your food. What do you want today? Do you want chippies? (A new play scenario, thanks to our Brisbane holiday and another new found love – CHIPS).

~ (at 6:10am) Mummy, can we do some art?! I need some green paper, cotton wool, stickers, and gloopy glue! Let’s be Mister Maker!!

8 Replies to “Conversations ~ 2 years, 8 months”

    1. Those particular requests sometimes drive me BANANAS! Especially when Pebble is particularly stubborn about it after I have dared to serve the food in the ‘wrong’ bowl, or provided the ‘wrong’ spoon. Serves me right for not checking I suppose! LOL

    1. I wish I could capture more! There are little bits and pieces slipping by every day, it’s a real job trying to keep track of them. These conversations are just a little bite sized piece of the wonderful world that is children :)

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