Conversations ~ 2 years, 9 months

Hello! I hope you’re having a lovely day. I’m continuing the Conversations series, which is a collection of the funny little things that Pebble says and does. They’re too good to let slip by and be forgotten.

“Mummy, it’s raining! We can use my umbrella!”

(During a thunder storm)
“Grandma thinks that it was the fairies moving their furniture… *laughing* but it’s just the thunder!”

“I can hear baby’s heart go boom, boom, boom”

(Every day)
“Just one more sneaky ice cream?”

“Let’s put on  my scarf for Christmas – there’s going to be SNOW!”
(this face is the response to being told that there won’t, in fact, be any snow at Christmas

(After explaining that if she throws her toys they might break, and we can’t get any new ones)
“But it doesn’t worry Mum. I don’t worry” *shrugs*

Can we watch Nigella?” and “That looks SO YUMMY”

(As I was drying myself after a shower, she stared at me)
Me: “I’ve got a big tummy, haven’t I?”
Pebble: *nodding* “And a big bottom! I want to see it wobble!”
Cue bum wobbling session from both of us. One of us wobbled significantly more than the other :P

What have the children in your life said lately that gave you a giggle?

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