A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013
52 A Portrait a Week

40-52 text Pebble

Pebble – 3 years, 8 months – when did she get so grown up? She looks like a teenager to me here. There’s something in her eyes. This week we are in awe of her love for her baby brother. It oozes from her with every cuddle and every kindness. In the bath one night he reached out and grabbed a toy from her. She snatched it back, then looked at him for a moment before handing the toy back, saying, “I just really want him to be happy”. I wonder how long this sibling love will last? How long before the fighting starts?

40-52 text

Rocky – 30 weeks – It feels like only yesterday that I wrote “3 weeks”. Now “30”. Where did that time go? Right now he is all about moving. He lies on his belly and spins around and around, reaching, grabbing, throwing, kicking. He pushes up onto all fours and rocks back and forth before mashing his face into the carpet and screeching in frustration. It won’t be long now, and he’ll really be on the move. I suspect that this is when the sibling love may falter.

How are your kids going this week? What’s new?

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