A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

52 A Portrait a Week

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39-52 Pebble text

 Pebble – 3 years, 8 months – one thing that is just amazing us (as her doting parents) each and every day is Pebble’s growing vocabulary. When she hears a new word it just becomes a part of her daily chatter, and these big words are popping up in her sentences constantly. She’s talking SO much that I’ve stopped writing down the things she says. That probably doesn’t make much sense. Somehow when they were rare tidbits I’d be motivated to write them down, but now her words are a never-ended (seriously!) stream. I really should get in to the habit of recording her words again.

39-52 rocky text

Rocky – 29 weeks – Rocky is still keeping us up at night and in demand of cuddles, but I think the cause may be revealing itself. He’s very drooly and mouthy, more than normal, so more teeth may be on the way (did I tell you he has his first tooth?!). He also has a snotty nose, weepy eyes and raspy voice since last night. I cuddled him all night like my own little teddy bear. It’s been a bit of a game of musical beds around here, but we’re making it work.

How are your kids going this week? What’s new?

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