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Pebble 18-52

Pebble – 3 years, 3 months – She made her Dad a jam tart – no recipe, just some of mama’s failed pastry and some jam, with pastry “crumbs” on top. He promised her she’d eat it after she’d gone to sleep *cough*.

Rocky 18-52

Rocky – 8 weeks – Oh, it’s been a wonder of a week. A Wonder Week. We had one of the worst 24 hour periods since coming home from hospital. This kid just wouldn’t sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time, unless attached to a boob. Which made it very hard for this mama to get anything done – including sleep. I lost my mind a little bit, but I found it again. It’s a real good thing that he’s cute a button. Babies are made that way for a reason.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

52 A Portrait a Week

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10 Replies to “18/52”

  1. Beautiful photographs. I literally “LOL’d” when I read that dad said he would eat it later ;) & newborns can be tough & I remember quite vividly losing my mind a few times myself the first 12 months ;)
    Emily recently posted..18/52My Profile

  2. Gorgeous little pebble…must be a big change with Rocky taking all Mummy’s energy (and patience ;) ) Am sure Daddy ate it all up!
    I feel for you Kylie…I remember when I had days like that with the twins and nearly went a little bit insane….this too shall pass became my mantra and often following those weeks we had a really good week! The Wonder Weeks is a good resource I thought!
    Hope you get some sleep this week lovely Mama x
    Jode recently posted..Weekend Wanderings…Conquering the Sand!My Profile

  3. Now my son just get to the 2 year mark and I’m stating to think on having another baby. But when I remember how hard it was the first months… But you are right, the are made to be that cute, so that parents can go through that hard time. Keep Going!!! Remember nothing last forever.
    gabyarth recently posted..18/52My Profile

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