Zip Lock Bag Painting

I have been trying to squeeze in a few fun art and play ideas with Pebble, but time is limited lately with little Rocky taking up so much of my time and attention. This weekend we tried ziplock painting after I saw it pop up on my Facebook feed thanks to Passionate About Play and Fun for the Kids. I haven’t done this for years, not since my early childhood training days. It was the perfect thing to set up for independent play – although I will admit to playing along side Pebble and having just as much fun as she was!

Zip Lock Bag Painting

Zip Lock Bag Painting

You will need:

  • medium zip lock bags
  • strong, wide tape
  • paint (I used this paint given to us by Micador)
  • white paper (optional)
  1. Place some blobs of paint into the zip lock bag. Seal the bag.
  2. Use the tape stick the bag to a table. I stuck our bags on top of white paper to make it easier to see the colours.
  3. Play!

This is a great mess-free sensory experience which is great fun for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children. Stick it on the floor and babies can get in there and squish the colours around. Toddlers, preschoolers and school age children can blend colours and create pictures, patterns, letters, shapes, letters and numbers.

This post is not sponsored. I was given some Micador products to try and have chosen to share the fun that we have had with them.

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9 Replies to “Zip Lock Bag Painting”

  1. We’ve done a similar thing in the past.
    Thanks for the reminder on how easy and mess free it is, great for when your time is limited :-)
    Ill have to give it another go with dimples soon

  2. This is an excellent idea. I’ve been wanting to introduce painting to Punky but been a little put off by the mess factor (not that that stops me from feeding her so I should just get over it!) but this looks like the perfect thing for us to give a go.

    The thing that has held me back from painting actually is having not been able to find some suitable paints to use for finger painting. I want them to be non-toxic as some of it will definitely end up in her mouth, but also easy to clean and non-staining.
    Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted..HardMy Profile

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