Tissue Box Guitar

In honour of my brother Ryan, I welcome Nae from Adventures at Home with Mum and her kid made tissue box guitars.


Kid made tissue box guitar

Do your kids love Music?

Whether it be a song on the radio, a beat, Mums Singing, clapping or making their own music with pots and pans most kids enjoy music. Just like adults, music is good for the soul. It is tied to the rhythm of our heart and can help motivate us, release tension, express feelings, exercise, and lift our spirits.

My 4 year old, Dimples, has a taste for music. I often catch him wiggling his booty and singing to a song that’s stuck in his head or trying to ‘break dance’. Recently he had a visit from a music man while he was at preschool and got to see a range of different guitars and musical instruments that inspired him to make his own music at home. It got very noisy, until we crafted this cute tissue box guitar. It’s still musical but has a pleasant strum and kids can dance and jump about like a rock star with it. Here is how we made it:

Kid made tissue box guitar

Tissue Box Guitar

Step 1– Attach a paper towel roll or similar to the narrow side of an empty tissue box. Your tissue box is your guitar body with the hole as the face of your guitar. We did this by cutting one end three times, spreading it slightly open and taping it down on the box.
Step 2– Pull 2 large rubber bands over each side next to the guitar fretboard (paper towel roll) to become your guitar strings
Step 3– Wrap, cover, paint and decorate your guitar however you like. If you’re not covering it in any way you might want to add a bit of masking tape over the top & bottom to secure the bands into place.
Step 4– Ask a grown up to use a craft knife on the top of the paper towel tube big enough for you to insert 2 or 3 paddle pop sticks in that represent the guitar turning pegs.
Mission Complete!

Kid made tissue box guitar

Now you have a crafty guitar to play. Try making up your own song and dance to go along with it or put on a performance to one of your favourite songs. You are now a crafty guitarist, have fun.
Renee is an Australian stay at home Mum to Dimples and Miss Cherub, and author of the fun blog: Adventures at home with Mum. She is a hands on Mum who loves sharing playful ways for children to learn during the early years and has a little bit of everything on her blog from messy sensory play and extreme paint to active and outdoor fun. Renee has a Psychology degree and various study attainments in childcare, personality development and effective parenting, she wishes to work with children in the future but for now she is enjoying watching her children grow and learn at home. You can also find Renee on Facebook or Pinterest.

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  1. I definitely agree with you, music is good for the soul. When I play guitar, and any time I picks up one of instruments, the kids always seem to want to play along. I love the idea of making simple, playable cardboard kid-sized versions of the instruments so they can do just that.

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