Drawing, Clay Bead Making and Weaving {Book Review}

Every day Pebble asks me, “Mummy, can we do art together?”. Every. Single. Day. The answer is usually yes, but lately with baby Rocky on the scene our art has been quite limited. If we do ‘art’ it’s this: Paper and pencils. Play dough. Water colours. These are all good options, but it’s very different to our pre-baby art explorations.

All that changed with the arrival of a lovely parcel on our door step. It was a very special book, Time to Create, written by my friend Christie from Childhood 101. I was so excited when it arrived and am only too delighted to have been asked to join in the Time to Create blog tour.

Disclosure: I purchased my own copy of Time to Create, and have been given one copy to giveaway to Octavia and Vicky readers. I was not paid to review Time to Create. All opinions are honest and are my own. 

Time to Create by Christie Burnett

Time to Create is a visually beautiful, easy to read book. There are lots of ideas to choose from, using many kinds of art forms and media. There are ideas that Pebble and I have tried before, like painting, collage and drawing, and plenty of ideas that we haven’t done so much of, like sculpture, textiles and photography. The best thing is that all of these art experiences are so very doable. It is very easy to flip to a page, choose an experience and get started. I also love that each art exploration is hands-on and is all about the process of creating art, not just a finished product.

As well as many ideas for art experiences, the book provides information for adults on how children learn through art, and ideas for talking with children about their creativity. Each art process in clearly set out and easy to follow, and allows for literally hundreds of interpretations. Time to Create is an awesome launch pad for children’s artistic explorations.

Pebble and I have only just begun to explore the ideas in Time to Create. So far we have enjoyed creating with weaving, drawing natural objects from observation and making salt dough beads. Pebble has her eye on trying drip painting next and I’d love to do a photography experience with her. I also look forward to repeating our art experiences and extending on them further – perhaps weaving with natural materials or making salt dough mosaics. The options are endless! Here are some photos of our art explorations so far.

Drawing natural objects from observationDrawing natural objects from observationDrawing natural objects from observation Salt Dough BeadsSalt Dough Beads Salt Dough Beads Weaving 2 Weaving Weaving

Time to Create: Hands On Explorations in Process Art for Young Children is now available internationally through all major online booksellers, including The Book Depository, Amazon, Fishpond and Barnes & Noble.

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Time For a Giveaway!

Time to Create by Christie Burnett

Thank you very much to Christie for offering one copy of Time to Create to one lucky Octavia and Vicky reader. To enter the giveaway please answer this question in the comments: What was your favourite art form to explore with when you were a child?

Giveaway closes 11:59pm (AEST) on Sunday, 30 June 2013. The winner will be announced on Monday, 1 July 2013. International entries welcome :)

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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105 Replies to “Drawing, Clay Bead Making and Weaving {Book Review}”

  1. I used to love making pompoms, with cardboard cut from cereal boxes and mums leftover wool! Add some googly eyes for extra fun! Indulged some pompom making again recently with gorgeous big tissue paper pompoms for the kids rooms.

  2. I used to like to cut up magazines in a big soup pot & make “paper soup” then I’d use the pieces to make collages

  3. Good question! I’m thinking back this morning and remembering doing rubbings on a textured table cloth in our kitchen. Our fridge was covered with results.

  4. When I was younger I loved to draw but my most favourite thing was to make miniature houses from cardboard boxes. I remember spending hours decorating them with wallpaper, hanging framed pictures, making books for the shelves, drawers that would open, stapling curtains together, rugs cut with mum’s pinking shears – all for animals made themselves from repurposed scraps of fur. Not so surprising that my own children are so often found making their own houses now ;)
    Nichole recently posted..More small world playMy Profile

  5. My favourite was making art out of rubbing made by sticks, leaves, flowers n coins all in different colours. Then putting them into a picture.

  6. I didn’t think of myself as especially arty as a child but I remember a project in primary school that involved finding an autumn leaf in the playground, cutting out its shape in clay and then painting and decorating it. Besides that I liked drawing with Derwent colour because I thought they were the most sophisticated thing ever.

  7. Can’t go past the egg cartoncaterpillar! Having said that I also loved leaves, decorating pine cones and even. Experimenting with cicada shells!

  8. I enjoyed making natural art form especially mud to make models and tree faces. The seed heads from different plants scattered on to glued paper to make patterns.

  9. I loved making things from paper. Me and my baby brother built an entire town with everything in it right down to the letters you post in the mail box, kept us amused for weeks!

  10. I use to make different things using empty cardboard boxes ,newspaper and glue.It was unlimited fun as I use get new empty box almost every other day.

  11. I was very lucky that my mum was and still is very crafty so there was always a lot of very interesting things for me to explore! Knitting yarn and needles, beautiful coloured embroidery threads, tapestry canvas, all sorts of glues and buttons and my favourite – decoupage supplies – papers, paints, varnish, rollers, wooden boxes. Bliss!

  12. Craft was a really big part of my childhood. We had a large large box that we called our ‘making box’ that was filled with bits and pieces that mum had collected and we made lots of creations! My kids still do the same.

  13. I was always given opportunities to explore anything and everything I could get my hands on! Nothing was better then finding a variety of yarns, twigs, buttons, and old wrapping paper to make collage, and I loved an empty cardboard box – a world of opportunities to make something were found!

  14. I loved to create junk models from loo rolls and other house hold objects as well as cutting up old magazines and collaging over them with stacks of glue! x

  15. I loved to create junk models from loo rolls and other house hold objects as well as cutting up old magazines and collaging over them with stacks of glue! x xx

  16. When I was a kid I liked to paint….but it is funny because I dont remember a lot of other things being an option… At school I liked when we did clay and chalks

  17. I used to love all sorts of craft when I was a kid .painting was my favourite and it still is my favourite .i loved creating different patterns and loved colour mixing .i even loved collage with different materials such as pulses ,rice etc. and even won several prizes in art .now my kids hav great talent and they love doing craft :)

  18. Without a doubt I loved making paper dolls and “dressing them” the most when I was little. As I got older I began to enjoy making different friendship bracelets with different patterns for all of my friends. It is crazy to think that my daughter who is 9 has just started making friendship bracelets. <3 they grow up way too quickly! Enjoy every second. Xx

  19. I used to love painting with different textures, we would use a sponge, a leaf, an elastic band, toilet roll, lots of different items from around the home. My mom was very resourceful with a low budget for toys.

  20. My favorite things to create were paintings on large stones we had lining our property – making different colored paints from wild berries and plants that grew nearby. My dad taught us which ones native Americans used.

  21. I still fondly remember moulding with clay for the first time at Carclew when on vacation care. I was so proud of my sculpture and wanted to go back again but never got the chance !

  22. Most of my ‘art’ as a child was very structured – long stitch, knitting, tracing etc. There was a right way and a wrong way. I really enjoyed it, but I’m hoping to provide both structured and unstructured creative outlets for my daughters. I hope they can learn that the wrong way can be right sometimes too!
    Danya Banya recently posted..A Letter to Bee (9 months)My Profile

  23. I remember sitting on the entryway floor coloring for hours on end, completely content. When I was older, braiding bracelets became my favorite thing to do.

  24. We had a 3 meter long chalk board on the wall which made for some giant drawings, the other art form was clay beads for macramé.

  25. I used to love tracing as a child :) I didn’t explore art a lot and hope to change that for my girls – so I’ve been stocking up on different materials and trying things I see online :) it’s been as much fun and learning for me. Although I find it harder with a 1 year old walking around trying to engage the 4 year old … Looking forward to figuring out how to engage both and adapt them for both age groups :)

  26. I used to love folding a paper in half, opening it and putting blobs of paint on the folding line and then folding and pressing to create ‘butterflies’

  27. I think I was supposed to be painting, but remember more of washing the brushes and watching the water change colour. That was the most fun.

  28. I used to love playing with clay as a kid. My grandparents have a summer cottage on an island and one of the beaches has an odd little patch of “smooth sand.” Growing up I used to collect as much of the natural clay as I could and would make little animals and “pet rocks” and mold trees and houses for them. It was a fun summer time craft that I remember fondly. My grandparents still have a few of the little creatures I created. My kids are now old enough to play with clay so this summer when we go down to the lake I’ll be showing them my secret clay stash and hopefully it will be as much fun for them to play with as it was for me when I was young.

  29. Me and my little sister were quite arty in our school days. Our favorite art medium was oil pastels and tempera paints. We use to make lots of scratch art and watercolor and oil pastel resist painting. We also made collages.
    I would love to win this book as I feel It will help me recreate the arty experiences with my daughter and son.

    Thank you for hosting such wonderful giveaway.

  30. Paper mâché was my favorite medium for creating as a child. I loved the gooey sticky mess and the masterpiece after hours of drying. Those passing hours were hard to wait for.

  31. my first experiences with art was using clay from an old bank at the back of our house, mixing it with water to create all sorts of things – people, animals houses and then leaving them in the sun to dry – finally painting them bright colours.

  32. I actually don’t have too many memories of making art as a child, which is why I make art everyday with my kids. We really enjoy our time together. We mostly watercolor and draw so I could really use some inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Growing up I was always playing outside exploring nature and getting creative. Clay (and mud) provide a wonderful sensory experience with a wide range of creative and imaginative opportunities to express yourself

  34. Ooooo that’s a tough one, it isn’t really creative art, a rather closed end activity, but first thing that comes to mind is spool knitting! HA!

  35. Gee, seems so long ago! I loved doing knitting and tapestries – I guess that’s because that is what my mum was always doing.

  36. I used to love all forms and still do to this day. I used to use a ruler when colouring (????) but absolutely LOVED all forms messy. Up to your elbows in art messy–
    Papier mâché was the one which made my smile biggest! :)

  37. I loved finger paints when I was a kid. I don’t remember if I had much of an imagination then, although I highly doubt it, and I know I don’t now…which is why with a 3 year old daughter I REALLY need this!

  38. I loved making things out of icypole sticks. I once made a whole series of paddocks and sheds for my farm animals.

  39. Salt dough. I remember my mom making the salt dough during our Christmas breaks (me attempting to eat it of course… Gross), and getting to make our own decorations for the Christmas tree. U still have a couple of them and they are my most precious ornaments. I will be continuing this tradition with my girls this year.

  40. For me it was always about collage – there is something so satisfying about building a picture from random materials.

  41. I loved to paint, to feel the colours come alive either with my brush or my fingers, painting is so expressive, especially if you add some glue and sparkles too! It entertained me for hours!

  42. Loved play dough and finger painting with shaving cream. We also had some great bath crayons which we would draw with everywhere! Paper mâché was always fun too!

  43. Painting but instead of using paint brushes, my dad use to cut potatoes in half and cut shapes into them turning them into homemade stamps.

  44. I used to enjoy using natural materials to make little landscapes and what-not. We had a huge walnut tree, so walnut shells featured. Along with some other favourite materials such as moss, flowers, sticks and pebbles, pine cones and ivy :-)

  45. It might sound very boring but I used to love using water! I would spend so long painting and drawing with water on the bricks of our house and once they were dry I’d start all over again. I also liked how it changed the colour of concrete when wet.
    kate recently posted..Gumnut PaintingMy Profile

  46. I had a child-sized pottery wheel. I loved to make my own creations on the wheel, but I think I loved the feel of the clay squishing through my fingers even more!

  47. My brothers and I loved to melt crayons over the top of a glass bottle with a lit candle stuck in the opening. The colorful dried wax swirls were so beautiful! (A great craft to do with adult supervision depending on the age of your children, of course.)

  48. When I was little I would take coloring book pages and do all kinds of pictures with them. I’d glue and glitter them instead of coloring with crayons. I’d cut parts out and make it part my own drawings. I would make collages of different pages and all kinds of art using my coloring books. :-) Thanks for making me smile as I think back on my childhood.

  49. I didn’t get to do art as a child, but have loved exploring ideas with my son. He loves anything messy. So we do a lot of painting; not just on paper, rocks, window, drive way, even ourselves. Fun!

  50. I absolutely loved paper macho. I would make the paste and tear the newspaper and create all sorts of creatures then paint them. A long, fun process. That is how I learned to tie balloons too.

  51. Cut and paste from magazines and junk mail or playdough my favourites and main home craft activities.
    With my kids – goop is a favourite with all of us :)

  52. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book, and share my thoughts.

    I think my favorite media was play doh. I loved shaping it and building with it, rolling it, and smashing it. I poked it with pencils, used it to hold paper, made finger imprints… I think if I took a notion, I could probably still play with it for hours!

  53. I love reading these answers! I am an older mom (had my son when I was 41 and he is 3 now) and all of your answers are bringing back happy memories! My sister and I used to love to take water colors and splatter them by slinging the brushes like chopping with an axe. Granted, it made a mess all over the walls, but Mom let us do it anyway! We loved to get into everything and create, but that was the first memory that came to mind. I love visiting these joys again with my son!!

  54. I remember loving to squish, mold, and create with clay! When I was a bit older, my mother signed herself, my sister, and me up for a basic pottery class … we laughed a lot and had fun trying to create our “masterpieces”.

  55. Thank You so much for a chance to win this book!!

    I LOVED (and still do) Paint!! I have always, always loved doing art projects, making things, etc. I remember doing leaf rubbings, painting and using Play Doh a lot when I was a kid. Now, I am a Stay at Home Mommy of Twins and we do an art project or some type of learning activity about every day. My sons also love paint (I would say its their favorite medium!) But, we also use crayons & markers, natural elements (when we paint outside) like sticks, leaves, etc. We make cards, pictures, homemade dough handprints, ornaments, pasta necklaces, (to name a few) and a whole lot more!! We Love ART!!

  56. My favourite childhood craft was cut-and-paste. I would use anything…paper, fabric, ribbons, foil, lace, doilies…whatever I could get my hands on to glue onto paper!

  57. I always have and still do love to paint, usually with canvas & acrylics I find it so peaceful & therapeutic & as a kid I loved to paint everything. When I was 14 I was allowed to paint my room :-) I try to allow my son freedom to paint & for a 4 yr old he is pretty good

  58. I absolutely loved painting! Still do. I think that’s why I love being in the kindergarten class…….great memories of fun times! I could remember my mom waiting for me to finish at the end of a school day!

  59. Together with my sister, I loved to gather together as many clover flowers as we could and make clover chains. We used to make bracelets and necklaces and rings. We would make hair garlands and anklets and even ‘jewellery’ for the dogs (we had poodles who were very compliant and happy to be dressed up!) I dried some of the creations in a flower press and framed them to hang on my bedroom wall. Thinking about it now makes me smile :-)

  60. I loved cutting up magazines and making collages when I was a child. I still like to do that and always have a box under my desk to collect the pieces. The best way to find good ones to cut out is to turn the magazine upside down – it helps me to ignore the words on the page and see the designs. I use them to make my own greeting cards.

  61. This may sound odd, but my dad used to let me paint his toenails in the morning while he read the newspaper… I would use every color I could find… I still can’t believe he let me do that!

  62. I loved to draw as a kid. I would spent hours upon hours with pencils and a sketchbook – in fact I still count these sketchbooks as some of my most treasured possessions!

  63. I loved fingerprinting and I can still remember putting on the paint smocks and the smell of the starchy paints in my kindergarten class!

  64. When I was younger I loved making with FIMO (a type of modelling clay that came in sorts of colours) – I used to build all sorts of little creatures, then mum would bake them in the oven. Some are still sitting on the window ledge at my parent’s house

  65. I loved drawing especially on different surfaces – paper, cardboard, fabric and to my Mum’s horror the walls! I remember being given a big Crayola caddy which was filled with crayons and a sketch book for Christmas and was so excited! I was amazed by the gorgeous names that were given to each crayon too, so it wasn’t just green but Forest Green. Drawing with all these colours definately made me one happy girl.

  66. I loved painting. My mum would set up loads of paint and scrap paper outside and leave us kids to it. Once we had filled the clothes line with artwork, we would start painting ourselves!

  67. As a child I LOVED making anything! Especially for my ‘cupboard’dolls house ;making dolls clothes in my cave under the kitchen table or decorating mud pies.

  68. When I was little, I loved coloring in my big coloring book with my crayola crayons. I loved painting with the watercolors my mom bought me. And I adored drawing in the little notebooks my grandpa kept for us kids. But my absolute favorite art form was mud creations. My sisters and I made mud pies, mud people, mud houses, and we painted each other in mud. My mom had to chase us down with the hose before she could let us back in the house.
    Now, of course, I’ve graduated to playdough, but I still love the feel of mud between my toes and the smell of newly moistened dirt when working outside. And every now and again, I use my little kiddos as an excuse to join in their mud play :)

  69. Definitely collage!! My preschool teachers told my mum they were going to charge her double the levy because of the amount of collage materials I would use!! Haha. I still love, and every day I look to see if Lior is ready for some scissors and glue so we can get collaging together! :-D

  70. Pipe cleaners were my favourite! You could do so much with them, shape them, stick them into things for sculptures, stick them onto things… And so many different sizes, textures, colours etc!

  71. I can’t remember much of art and craft that we did as children but mum did make great playdough and I loved the feel and the smell of it as much as anything.

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