Simple Christmas Wrapping

Hello there! Are you ready for Christmas? Only THREE more sleeps! Christmas is keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure. I started and finished my Christmas shopping all in one day this week. That’s five hours of Christmas shopping – five hours of waddling my big, round pregnant belly up and down the length of mall. Thank goodness I was child free. Can you even imagine? I’m getting a little bit excited now, I can’t wait for Christmas morning when I see Pebble’s delight and surprise.

I am halfway through wrapping the presents. Oh! The wrapping! Every year I forget how long it takes to wrap. We buy for lots of niecephews and children of friends, plus quite a few adults. This year I decided to wrap simply with some brown paper, picked up from the local supermarket, and red and white twine from Kikki K.

We made these super cute and easy gift tags for some of the early gifts that we’ve already given out, but for the MASSIVE pile of gifts yet to be given we are using foam stampers directly on the paper to give an extra bit of Christmas cheer. Pebble has been helping me use Christmas foam stampers (bought from a $2 shop some years ago) and an ink pad to stamp each gift.

I think the finished effect is quite charming, no? The only trouble now is that the lovely lady at Kikki K assured me that one box of twine would be plenty. I had picked up two and she talked me out of it. Who does that!? Bless her heart for thinking of me, but you know what? Yep, I’m out of twine. I really can’t seem myself back at the shops between now and Christmas, but I do have some simple plain twine and pale green wool that I think will look rather fetching. I might just come back and share that with you later.

Come back soon for the best ever Mango Cheesecake recipe. I’ll be whipping it up today with Pebble, and serving it tomorrow at dinner with friends.

Have you finished your Christmas wrapping yet?

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