Recycled Christmas Card Advent Calendar

I finally got our advent calendar organised! I got some inspiration earlier this week and ended up throwing together some bits and pieces from around the house to make this, with a little help from Pebble and her big cousin. Special mention to Janice from Learning 4 Kids who gave me extra inspiration with her Recycled Christmas Card Garland :)

Recycled Christmas Card Advent Calendar

You will need:

  • Recycled Christmas cards
  • Mini pegs (I picked these up from the $2 shop last year)
  • Red wool (or any string of your choice)
  • Optional: An old frame – If you haven’t got a frame you could use a tree branch or just some string across the living room wall.
  • A sharpie or marker
  • Scissors

If you’re using the frame, thread wool from side to side across the frame and secure in place. My frame came with little pins in it, so I threaded through those, but you could use thumb tacks to secure the wool. Otherwise, grab a tree branch from outside or hang your string somewhere to make the house look festive, ready for pegging up your cards.

Create a Christmas tree template on a card. I drew one free hand, but if you don’t feel confident with that you could find one in Google images to copy or trace.

Use the tree template to create 25 mini trees on the picture side of your Christmas cards by tracing and cutting out.

Make a list of 25 ‘things to do’ for each day leading up to Christmas and write one on each tree, along with the number of that day.

Peg your trees on your string, then get ready to enjoy counting down until Christmas.

Try to keep your daily Christmas activities simple – some of ours are big (decorate the Christmas tree, bake Christmas cookies, donate to a local charity) and some are small (eat cherries, dance to Christmas songs, read a Christmas story). Think about the day that each date falls on, and what you can manage on that day with your other commitments.

Note: Pebble and her big cousin made the starry Christmas trees using coloured card, a glue stick and star scatters.

Do you have an advent calendar? Please tell me about it :) 

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