Paper Cup Birds

Kid Made Paper Cup Birds {via Octavia and Vicky}

Sometimes I think I should have called this blog ‘Playing in our Pyjamas’…. because that seems to be exactly what we do a lot of around here. On this particular day Pebble was inspired by our trip to the local botanic garden on the weekend and asked to “make a rainbow lorikeet”. We had seen lots of rainbow lorikeets on our walk and often see them around home too.

We started by looking at some close up photos of rainbow lorikeets on my old mate, Google. Then we raided the making cupboard and this is the plan that Pebble came up with: paper cups, feathers, glue, cardboard, a sharpie. Once we’d tipped out a pile of blocks and cars to distract The Destroyer (otherwise known as baby brother, Rocky), we were all set to get started.

TIP: Take my advice and use a disposable container for your craft glue. It’s way easier for clean up at the end. I like to cut open a milk carton and use the base, but empty yoghurt pots or egg cartons work well too. Whatever you can raid from the recycle bin. We also use cotton buds as mini paint brushes for applying the glue. Once you’re done it all goes in the bin and there’s no worry about cleaning up containers or ruining your paint brushes.

Pebble stuck feathers all over the outside of her bird using the craft glue, then drew on a couple of eyes with a sharpie, cut out a little beak from some cardboard and stuck that down too. Craft complete! One bird ready for play. Of course I couldn’t resist getting in on the action and making one of my own too.

Kid Made Paper Cup Birds {via Octavia and Vicky}

Paper Cup Birds

You will need:

  • Paper cups
  • Craft feathers
  • Craft glue
  • Coloured cardboard or paper
  • A sharpie

Kid Made Paper Cup Birds {via Octavia and Vicky} 2

How to make a paper cup bird

  • Stick the feathers to the outside of the paper cup using the craft glue. For maximum coverage you can overlap the feathers to make sure that the whole cup is covered.
  • Draw eyes on the base of the cup.
  • Cut a small diamond (or folded over triangle) from the cardboard and stick it onto the base of the cup to make a beak.
  • Stick your hand in the cup and make your bird fly!

Has the  local wildlife inspired any art or craft at your place lately?

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  1. I actually quite like “Playing in our Pyjamas” haha. What a cute little bird. Love the simple crafts. Anything that takes little kids too long, I find they tend to lose interest or get frustrated by. Nice one. Pinned :)

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