Mother’s Day ~ Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers

These coffee filter flowers are a cinch to make and make an adorable gift for Mother’s Day. Pebble and I made a few bunches for some of the mothers in our family. Here’s how it’s done.

You will need:

coffee filters*
water colour paints
paint brushes
cup of water for rinsing brushes
pipe cleaners

*I usually buy coffee filters through craft suppliers at school, I hadn’t bought them for home before. I picked up this box from the supermarket. They turned out to be an unfortunate brown paper colour, instead of the white I’m used to. However I think that these flowers turned out quite nicely anyway, they look a bit vintagey. Like I did it on purpose, or something :) The best kind to use are usually the white, fluted variety.

Let’s get making! (hope Mister Maker doesn’t sue me for that)

1. Set up your work area with all materials except for the pipe cleaners. Give your kiddos a demonstration of how to paint the coffee filters, if they need it. The paper is very porous, which makes it easy for the paint to bleed through the paper, and the colours to blend into each other.

2. Pop your coloured coffee filters somewhere safe to dry. It may take a night to dry out, or you can do what I did and pop them in a single layer in a warm oven for about five minutes.

3. When they are dry use scissors to cut or poke a hole in the bottom of each coffee filter. Thread a pipe cleaner through the hole and bend the tip to create a little centre (did you know the centre of a flower is called an ovary? Google just told me that. Must be true). Scrunch the bottom of the flower around the pipe cleaner to secure it.

And you’re done! We used two pipe cleaners intertwined to create a pretty and kooky candy cane effect. This also helped to support the weight of the flower heads. Tie your bouquet with ribbon and present it to the adoring mumma figure in your life.

Did you see the uber-cute Mother’s Day cards we made last week?

Are you making any Mother’s Day gifts this week? Do tell!

7 Replies to “Mother’s Day ~ Coffee Filter Flowers”

  1. Oh, so pretty. And, it does look like you did the vintage thing on purpose! As for mother’s day crafts here… my kids each made me a sparkly box at play-group today (so, I now have 3, small sparkly boxes…not sure what their use will be), Miss 4 has apparently made me something at preschool too… probably won’t make anything else at home, but hoping their dad will help them make me a card!
    Julie recently posted..Help! My (almost) 17-month-old doesn’t talk!My Profile

    1. Thanks so much :) It seems that you’ve been spoilt already, lucky you! I love a homemade card. I’d be happy with nothing else. Well, maybe a cuppa too :)

    1. I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day :) Mine is usually quite frantic, with three mothers of my own to visit….. plus the nanas….. phew.

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